Birmingham Conference is “Out of Focus”

Brian Worley (This article was originally posted upon The Freethinker)


Who really knows the number of bi/homosexual people that are within the churches today? The Bible plainly speaks out against this type of sexuality; it is any wonder that many gay people conceal their true sexuality inclinations? It is apparent that a number of gay people want to be a part of church life; at the same time it is also apparent that a number of gay people go on to become atheists wanting nothing to do with the church. Part of the reason would surely be due to the “snub” of “conservative churches” another would be that who wants to associate with folks that “feel they are morally superior to you? “

Christians have mistakenly elevated an ancient book of literature into being an authoritative book of the divine. Who would have thought that something so seemingly insignificant as a lack of proper “reading comprehension” skills could cause such consternation in our modern world? 

It is the church that creates homosexual guilt

Who wants to pledge allegiance to an organization (church/bible) that condemns you because of natural sexual tendencies? Isn’t it obvious that many gay people want the acceptance and affirmation from the group that CREATED the guilt to begin with? So where does all of this lead to? It provokes the “fight or flight” reaction. Stay attached to the church and fight to change it….or leave the church altogether (flight) and move forward with your life!  

There is no way that a church can consider itself to be Biblically conservative and yet be genuine in their “relationships” when they associate with gay people. Something has to give or to be suppressed to maintain the position. Sure, one face of the church will be “friendly” while the other “face” seeks ways to change the gay individual. It becomes a perpetual “tug of war” for all whom are involved.  I see this as a big waste of energy, but a drum that people of reason need to keep drumming! 

Birmingham metro confusion: Which church is straight & which is gay?

Enter the Birmingham, Alabama  Metropolitan Church of God.” Upon seeing this story Conservative Meeting in Alabama to be Greeted with Gay Rights Protest , my initial thoughts were why would any gay group protest what is happening in a Metropolitan congregation? Let me explain things here. First, anybody whom knows the American church community knows that the Metropolitan Community Church  (MCC) or The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) is a Protestant denomination that has a specific outreach to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender families and communities. So at a casual glance, the Birmingham church is so named to where it is  easily mistaken for a (MCC or UFMCC) inclusive congregation. The reality is that the Metro Church is affiliated with the (straight) Church of God Cleveland, TN group; not to be confused with an (inclusive) MCC or UFMCC congregation.  

I chuckle here thinking about the old bantered about question, “Which came first? The chicken or the…?” I couldn’t find upon the Birmingham’s church’s website when they chartered. So either they were unwise in their  choosing of a church name to begin with, or perhaps they were a little greedy? If the church chartered after MCC’s founding,  then they should have had the forsight to avoid the potential of using Metropolitan or the shorter Metro in their name. Simple common sense thinking here! If they chartered before MCC’s founding, then I think it fitting that their “greediness” get some unintended exposure. Anyway, by the time of the 80’s any “conservative” church that incorporated Metropolitan into their church name would have to deal with the confusion as to whether they are “straight” or “gay friendly, inclusive!” I say they could be greedy because Metropolitan conveys the thought that IT is THE church to come to in Birmingham (bypassing other churches closer to the proximity of where people of faith might live.) Does anyone else see this as ironic? 

Be careful what name you place upon your church marquee!

So imagine yourself in the center of the “Bible Belt” in a large Southern city like Birmingham where Metro and Metropolitan adorn two different churches’ marquees. Imagine a “straight” person that was referred to go to the Metro (Cleveland, TN affiliation) Church and they mistakenly enter into the Metropolitan (MCC) congregation….what a surprise! 

Then imagine the surprise of a gay individual that was referred to go to the Metropolitan church (MCC) in Birmingham that mistakenly confuses the Metro church and walks in to find James Dobson’s Focus on the Family “Love Won Out”  homosexual “fixer” conference taking place!  

I can’t help but think that perhaps the church has gotten tired of dealing with the misperceptions Metro Church FAQ page: Is Metro Church "associated" with any other churches or denominations? and has chosen to invite Dobson’s bunch in as an attempt to distance themselves from the MCC congregation. 

Fundamentalist Quacks

During my Christian fundamentalist ministerial years, I never once thought that I had the formula to change homosexuality. The only “medicine fixer” that a fundy could reach for would be the “Holy Spirit” (pun intended!…quack, quack) Just as faith healers are “quacks,” so are homosexual “fixers” like Dobson’s bunch! Did their cure work with Mel White?  

Homophobic Christians cannot even fix themselves, lest they have the audacity to try to save others! The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) protects society from phony “quacks” peddling their “cancer” cures…perhaps they should be looking at Dobson’s homosexuality cure?


Brian Worley   November 4, 2009    All rights reserved.
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