Tony Dungy’s Christian Dilemma

Brian Worley 

Life must be great when you are the head football coach of the defending champions Indianapolis Colts and when you have a book that ranks amongst others in the best selling charts. Such is the life of Tony Dungy, so what is the problem here?

 The problem is that Tony Dungy, as a Christian, has a call of God upon his life that only those who have personally had that same calling can fully appreciate.  That heavenly call, call it the divine purpose, or the reason that you feel that you have been placed here upon the earth takes precedence over whatever else stands in its path.  Standing in Dungy’s path is honoring a coaching contract he signed years ago. Someone needs to remind this “Christian giant” of James 5:12 admonition “but let your yea be yea; and your nay, nay; lest ye fall into condemnation”. For the third year in a row, the Colts are left “twisting in the wind” wondering if his “yea” is really a “yea”.  Tony has fallen into legitimate Bible condemnation by signing a long-term contract and not solidifying the integrity of his word. I don’t view his reluctance as “quiet strength”, I view it as a neurotic religious addiction.

 His dilemma has ripple effects in Indianapolis and the Colts fan base. No man is an island, especially when you are in such a strategic position as Dungy occupies. Should he stay or should he go? This is an interesting question being bandied about.

The most interesting question that begs to be addressed is whether a man with a divided mind should be allowed to pilot an enterprise as important as an NFL football team? I sense that a few writers would love to write about this, but would their editors shoot down such a politically incorrect proposition?  The establishment media might shun this topic, but it is fair game for an ex-Christian website.

 Winning in the NFL is extremely difficult to do on a consistent basis. .  Winning takes smart planning, dedication, attention to detail, and acquisition of talent along with some luck when the ball bounces your way.  No team has ever matched the 5 consecutive, 12 win seasons that the Colts have amassed from 2003-2007. But, you don’t have to be a pundit to realize that the Colts have underachieved when it comes to the playoffs.

Look, anything less than a 100% attention span towards winning your next game is cheating your fan base. Dungy has one eye upon his God in the sky Jesus. Could it be that this same divided attention affects the team?  I think that it does. Let us examine the Tarik Glenn abrupt retirement scenario.  The all pro tackle suddenly decides to retire not long after the draft. Part of his explanation for this was that he felt that it was God’s will.  Don’t you just love these wonderful Christian men? You commit to them and are counting on them to uphold their end of the bargain. Then how do they repay you?  They back out, quoting God’s will…simply amazing! It is nauseating to hear them speak of character and integrity. They don’t think twice about leaving you or your organization twisting in the wind and your having to clean up after them. Anyone else agree with me?

PS: I have added a comment about Tony Dungy on the "Impossible Roles or Just Bad Actors" page on the Exminister Blog, you are welcomed to read and comment there if you wish to do so!

         Brian Worley         Jan. 17, 2008      All Rights Reserved.

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