Testimony of William Henness

William Henness

[Former Fundamentalist Baptist Pastor/Preacher]

When I was 20 years old, I was converted to Christianity. Then I was childlike and believed the Bible to be pure and without error, because that is what preachers said.
After about 38 years of being a Christian, I now realize I was lied to, either intentionally or through ignorance by those preachers.Through my own study I have learned that the Bible has numerous errors and contradictions.

I have read several books on that subject of "difficult passages" and the authors all agree there are "difficult passages", but they all try very hard to try to give a satisfactory explanation for them. Some of them I believe, are satisfactory, however, many I do not think are.

If the Bible, having difficult passages, can not stand scrutiny, then why not admit it has errors?

This disturbs me very much to have found this out. No one I have talked to on this subject will admit anything. Some will not even discuss it. They make me out to be something wicked while they bask in ignorance.Some of the answers that are given are: 1. Some sons co-reigned with their father. 2. Different writers recorded the way it appeared to them. 3. Copiers made a mistake. And so forth.

If there is but one single genuine contradiction or error, then the book is not pure. If there are some contradictions or errors which can be found by comparing one author with another, then perhaps there are errors which cannot be seen because only one author wrote it. This causes ligament doubts.

And then, there are so many "difficult passages." Scores and scores. And authors of the books about them, try desperately to shore up the Bible.

This all revolutionizes my understanding of doctrine about the Bible.
Now, I don't blame God. He can have the Bible have flaws if he chooses, but what about those learned "men of God", who, if they were aware of the errors, said nothing about them even saying they were not there? And if they did not know about them, why not? They are supposed to be professionals in their field. And mind you, if they knew about those places and said otherwise, they lied. Men of God wouldn't lie to their flock, would they? Oh, how I wish I were ignorant again! This knowledge is grievous. And the worse thing about it is, there is no one to discuss it with me.
My brother has discussed it but not with an open mind. He has his mind set that there are no errors or contradictions. He just don't have the answer to the "difficult passages." My grown son and youngest daughter will not even discuss it. My wife gets angry if I bring up the subject. Must I carry this terrible burden alone?

I feel like a man would feel, if for years, he had believed that his wife was pure and faithful, then to find out, by proofs, that all the while, she had been unfaithful. He would feel crushed, betrayed. He had even bragged on her as to how pure she was. This is the biggest crisis of my sixty one years.
Bill Henness


I was brought up in Sunday School. I remember at a very early age, what I liked best was singing, "I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart," and playing in the sand pile. I remember hearing, "hell-fire and damnation" sermons, and praying and weeping at the alter in a little Free Methodist Church, along with tearful testimonies. As a child I always just knew there was a God and Jesus, etc.. The Bible was true and right and the gospel was true.

When I was twenty years old, I publicly trusted Jesus as my savior. I believed he was the Son of God, God the Son, etc.. In the coming years I read the Bible through, slowly, thoughtfully. I put different sins out of my life and attended at least three services a week with my wife and three children. I took other people to church with us. I studied the Bible diligently, such as reading it in the locker room in the factory where I worked, after I hurriedly ate my lunch. I studied and read it almost daily. I prayed almost daily in our bathroom, many times crying tears over my sinfulness.

I got away from church for some seven years through discouragement's, but then repented and renewed my efforts again. I asked the Pastor if there was anything I could do to help him. He about fell over. I started typing the church bulletin, then I was asked to teach a Sunday School class of old men. In the coming years I taught adult Sunday School classes, taught children, and filled our pulpit when the Pastor was gone.

I then let churches know I was available to fill their pulpits and was kept pretty busy. I was a "permanent guest speaker" at a country church, then I pastored a fundamental Baptist church for over two years. All told, I've taught Sunday School and preached for 27 years. Not to mention nursing homes, etc..

I was elected deacon for over 25 years consecutively. I'm saying all this to say, I believed the Bible sincerely, like a little child. I never questioned it at all. When I would read it or study it in preparing a sermon, it never entered my mind to compare verses in other places to see if it was right. To do that never entered my mind.

One day I read a footnote in a New Scofield Bible that said there was a contradiction of a number. It gave several different places where numbers were given differently. I never even suspected it was so. I am sure the reasion most preachers and teachers go so long without knowing the negitive things in their Bibles is because they are so busy studing and prepareing the positive things, they don't have time to study the negative things.

After this I began to only "notice" differences. Then I started to write them down, so I wouldn't forget them. When I was about 56 years old I started looking for errors, and recording them as I found them. Then I ordered books and papers written by others who knew of more errors than I did.

Now, at age 67, I am an apostate. I have written well over a thousand papers about errors, contradictions, conflicting statements, character flaws of Jesus, Paul, Peter, and false prophecies.

I'm sure the reason most people are ignorant of what is really in their Bible is like mine was; it never occurred to me to doubt what the Bible said. I read it without questioning it, however, if one begins to question it, one will be amazed at how much they will find. The preponderance of the evidence is overwhelmingly negative.

I'm so sorry I've wasted so much of my life teaching and preaching falsehoods. I did it in ignorance. It has taken me a lifetime to find the truth, but, I would rather die, with the knowledge of the truth than die in ignorance.I am now going on 70 years old, and I still occasionally find more problems with the Bible.


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