Origin Of The Concept Of Heaven 

Malik Jabbar


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The origin of the popular concept of Heaven is easily identifiable. It evolved from the original scientific, astronomical mythology. Ancient Mythology was the rendering of scientific astronomy in a mythological format. Mythology symbolizes the movements of the heavenly bodies within the cosmos. Astronomy deals with charting the cycles of all the entities within the cosmos. The Prophecy that prevails in Mythology and religion is a result of this charting. Of course a Prophecy, when delivered in a personified religious format, seems to be the miraculous foretelling of human events. But, in itís Original form; the Prophecy did not pertain to future human activity. The Prophecy pertained to the future movements of celestial entities.

I often refer to Astrology/Mythology as Scientific, because it is absolutely that. Astrology/Mythology is based on the Science of Astronomy. To clarify my point, let us now define Science. Science Begins with Observation. The scientists seek to detect patterns, laws, and cycles in that which is being observed. In this case, the Starry Heavens.  Secondly, the Scientists Records the patterns, laws, and cycles that they have successfully detected, from their initial observations. Thirdly, the scientists renew their observations, and compare the results of their continued studies with the records of their past observations. When the scientists are successful, in their attempts to identify consistently repetitive cycles, they then, on this basis, record their conclusions as to scientific facts.

This registry of scientific conclusions then serves as a model by which scientists can accurately predict the recurrence of certain events based on their records of established cycles. The ancient Astronomers consequently wrote predictions as to future motions within the cosmos based on their recorded observations. Since the Astronomers/Astrologers used a mythological format to record their findings, their predictions of future cycles were transformed into the Prophecies of the Deities, their future conquests, intrigues, wars, and defeats.

So when Religion evolved from mythology, the chain continued. The Predictions of the scientific Astronomers (Astrologers/Mathematicians), that became the Oracles of Fabled Deities, when recorded under mythological headings, continued as the Prophecies of Messengers from God, in their Religious Format.

The credos, cultural and moral values within religion were evolved from scientific mythology also. The original mythology was astronomy rendered as Myth. Evil or Good, Moral or Immoral are not scientific concepts. But Society Can not sustain itself as a cohesive and organized unit, without a common Belief basis. The Sages recognized this. They formulated their religious tenets to correspond and parallel mythological science (Astronomy). In other words, they established the House of Religion on top of a Foundation of Esoteric Truth. This Esoteric Truth, when taken literally, is pure idiocy. But, they had little respect for the intellect of the common people. Through this system of esoteric symbolism, they preserved their Gnosis, and in tandem provided general society with a belief system, that worked.

The original astronomical (mythological) data base dealt with the eternally conflicting forces of Darkness/netherworld (southern hemisphere) and the forces of Light/ Paradise (northern hemisphere). Physical Nature is not capable of distinguishing morality or immorality, right or wrong, good or bad. Nature is driven by the Laws of Instinct, Gravity, Energy and Matter, and itís interactions. No morality is involved here. The universe is, without doubt, managed by natural law, which does not waver for any non-lawful reason.

The Human Being, in that He is part Matter (physical instinctive nature) and part spirit (Metaphysical nature), is also, like the opposing forces of universal nature, constantly at war (conflict) within Himself. Religion tends to balance this eternal and internal moral conflict, within the Human species.

The Evolution from astronomy to Religion was done by adapting religious correlations to the opposing spheres (the region below the equinoxes verses the region above the equinoxes)  of natural contention. The forces of the northern hemisphere, in their religious parallels, represented the positive spiritual natures. The Forces of the Southern Hemisphere represented the negative instinctive natures. The Never Ending War of the Sun (Light) to overcome or destroy darkness, in itís Religious Parallels, became the Never Ending Struggle of Manís Spiritual Nature to Dominate his Carnal (beastly) Nature.

Under itís Religious applications, Mythology made the following morally linked transformations - The Darkness of the underworld, in itís religious context became The Region of Death, Evil, and Matter (Materialism). The Light of the upper world became the Region of Life (everlasting), Goodness, and the Divine Spirits.

The Lord of the Underworld became an opposing Devil, a Seducer, an accuser. He was Evil, just for the sake of being evil. The Devil wanted Godís creation (humanity) to serve Him (the devil). The devil (from the mythological underworld, now rendered Hades (hell) in itís religious context) became the Tempting spirit that encouraged mankind to give in to their Carnal Nature. The Devil became the opponent to morality. The devil was an advocate of licentiousness, materialism, and hedonism, the consequences of which are Death.

The Vernal Equinox (in itís religious application) now became an entrance way, a Gate to Paradise (Heaven). The subjectsí passage from the lower world (world of matter) to the upper world (spiritual world) was not guaranteed. The Subject now had to qualify, he had to be judged. Did he give in to the Evils of the underworld, or did he remain faithful to the Lord of Light (Good)? His Fate weighed in the Balance. Satan was the Accuser of the Subject, because he wanted to keep his victim in Hell, or send his Victim to the lowest regions of hell (Capricorn) into his Pit.

The heavenly region above the equinoxes was viewed as a land of delights, a verdant Garden (of Eden). In some cases the region was viewed as filled with Heavenly Angels nourished with Sweet Milk and Honey

Ex 3:8  And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians, and to bring them up out of that land unto a good land and a large, unto a land flowing with milk and honey; unto the place of the Canaanites, and the Hittites, and the Amorites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites.

Ezek 20:15  Yet also I lifted up my hand unto them in the wilderness, that I would not bring them into the land which I had given them, flowing with milk and honey, which is the glory of all lands;

The Sages described heaven as having Honey, because of An Asterism located within the Sector of Cancer, which is the Highest Point of the Sunís northerly journey. This Asterism is known as the Beehive (A storehouse of Honey).

They described the heavens as flowing with Milk, because of the celestial river that flows from the celestial Polar Regions outward in two branches. They called this Nourishing river, The Milky Way......

 By Malik Jabbar


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