Satan doesn't exist -- something worse does

Brian Worley



A scene from the 1999 film, The Matrix, gave us:  "The red pill and blue pill is a meme representing a choice between taking either a "red pill" that reveals an unpleasant truth or taking a "blue pill" to remain in blissful ignorance.” ( Wikipedia )

There are two beliefs that most every Christian gives assent to that facilitate the destruction of the American Republic. In this, I will address the first one. Those taking the “blue pill” believe in Satan & choose to remain in blissful ignorance. Their heads are in the clouds, so much so that they fail to see mankind doing "evil" right under their noses. They assign culpability to a fallen celestial angel rather than the usual suspects, you know, a red blooded human being that has the capacity to pull it off. They strongly oppose Satan, and reason that whatever transpires is part of the Divine plan that needs to play itself out . So they watch & observe while praying for protection & the Lord’s return! Those taking the blue pill blame Satan (not man) for what we see happening today (Covid 19, riots, Marxism, etc.). If the Devil made them do it, then man is a helpless pawn on the Heavenly chessboard. Man is gullible, man has been fooled. The result? Edmund Burke's line " The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

For the sake of the meme, utilized to convey important ideas, this writer takes the “red pill” which reveals an unpleasant truth.  

Ignorance has consequences

Did you know that the Bolsheviks had support of less than 7% of the Russian population in 1916? When they take power in 1917 they go on to kill 40+ million people in the next 30 years that follow. History records a small group with an ideology that fomented unrest and that they went on to accomplish horrible deeds! Are we immune?  

I don’t recognize my country lately, while I love my President, who is naïve enough to think that a Trump victory makes what is happening go away?  

Most of us have been timid. Group think has muzzled far too many. We’re afraid to speak our minds about what has been occurring because to speak out incurs risk that will have repercussions. It is safer to keep silence. This is called intimidation. Intimidation muzzles resistance!  

Ignorance seems to be the preferential muzzle though, and we can thank theologians and the clergy for it’s brainwashing the general public into acceptance that the inevitable foe Satan exists. As kindly as I know how to say it, “Theology has given them a pacifier and they are sucking upon it!”  

What a grand idea that has been spawned. An ideology that targets & instructs those most likely to take umbrage & resist (Christians) by conveyance of the idea that the Divine has a plan that prophesied evil to come as a signal meant to be observed. That one’s recognition of approaching evil gives a Christian a “ticket” for the theater to watch as God then steps onto the scene and rights the wrongs and cleans up the mess. It’s just like the movies, one is annoyed & angered by the early drama, yet they continue to watch largely due to hope and watch as the titans battle until the death of the bad guys. In 2 hours, the drama is over, it was entertainment, and most importantly it required the bystander to do absolutely nothing. The bystander feels great afterwards and has a sense of entitlement because they were on the side of the victor.  

God is always on your side, one thinks, until you find that he wasn’t after it’s too late. Ask the Russians, remember the Bolsheviks? I’m not pushing unbelief with these observations, no, this Deist writer believes that God exists, the point is what one believes about God affects one’s worldview and responses to threats. The most powerful human entity in the world has shaped what and how we should believe. Of all the oligarch’s works, theology being the most sinister, the tool of theology has primed us for a takeover. Belief in Satan is detrimental to society and abets enslavement to the oligarchs.  

Satan does not exist – something much worse does            

Satan does not exist. There is no Satanic conspiracy. Evil is live spelled backwards. People have it backwards. Satan seems to be the chosen “aphrodisiac” for the religious while conspiracy theory attacks the rational minded. Do you find that people “working together” for their profit or for power at society’s expense to be improbable or irrational?  I don’t. Are you so feebleminded to succumb for either ploy? If not then, you should be bold and outspoken against it! Reality is that the majority believe that Satan exists, and it facilitates humanity’s demise.  

Orthodoxy has just been challenged. Some apologists will step forward and say we really don’t believe in the “red deviled caricature” as to diffuse the charge. It’s a malingering ploy, a side show, similar to rearranging the chairs on a sinking Titanic. Theologians don’t appreciate the challenge and will just double down for paycheck protection. Satan goes by several different “handles” (names) in the Bible and all the Abrahamic religions believe that Satan is an entity. The Zoroastrian ideas of good versus evil predating Judaism notwithstanding.  The conclusion is if you believe in God then of necessity one also believes in the Devil.  

All the while, theology is a diversion that serves to keep our eyes and minds off of the important things we should be paying greater attention to. Sports, pornography, entertainment are also strong diversions that serve as distractions, but theology is the queen of all sciences because it pacifies.  

Taking one step back, a quick sidestep, one of the great things that The John Birch Society instills besides the structure, importance of the US Constitution & founding ideas, is the warning and vigilance against the scapegoating and hatred of Jews. Any discussion of Satan and Satan’s existence just cannot avoid the Book of Revelations 2:9 “them which say they are Jews, and are not, but of the synagogue of Satan.” A lot of people absolutely hate Jews and feel that they need to be exterminated. Closely aligned is another subject on it’s own, a very popular current day subject is one about the Khazarian mafia. The gist is that behind all of what is going on today is a group of Satanists that claim to be Jews…but they are not. That these “Jews” are really Satanists. Their Satanism is to blame as it drives their motivation to destruct the world. I know…heavy stuff.  

Does Satan exist is the real question that we should be asking. Satan existing has been assumed — I say the belief is absurd and its maintenance obfuscates understanding of the real world. For years, even within skeptical society, I’ve annoyed people for my lack of perpetuation of binary thought. Isn’t it about good versus evil, religion versus secularism, left versus right? There are so many side shows, so many diversions and distractions that clutter the mind. Its pick a side or we won’t play you, pay you or promote you until you do!  

Let’s examine briefly, this is an essay – not a theology paper or book, what a Christian can rightly claim about Satan.  

Satan has an early entry in the Bible, the Garden of Eden. Really, a talking snake? Snakes can make noise, some have rattles, I discovered as a kid picking berries that they can hiss, they can also make noise as they move; but snakes cannot talk! They cannot think or reason as a human. Cannot people recognize a metaphor? Understand this as literature rather than literal? Seek to comprehend a spiritual lesson utilizing vivid imagery? Obviously not.  

In hindsight, looking back at the exchange with Eve in the Garden, what is the Devil’s most dastardly deed? Did he “pick up or manually force” Adam or Eve to do something? The answer is no! I find he asked provocative questions, that he reasoned, albeit contrary to God’s liking, and that Adam & Eve were weak; and it cost them dearly! Despite provocations, man is responsible for their actions. Satan “deeds” are similar to marketing or a bad meme. Own it!  

Biblical eschatology (study of future events) greatly involves Satan. Historically, Amillennialism was old school Biblical thought, but the oligarchs maneuvered to make Premillennialism & Post-Millennialism the most popular today.  Why? Because Pre and Post views are more conducive to apathy. While citizens should be watching over our Republic, they are rather entertained seeking to fit current day events as signs foretold in scripture. Brownie points to the cleric that makes a salient point for one’s chosen school of thought…meanwhile, the Titanic sinks and the distraction takes our eyes off of the Republic!  

Revelations Chapter 20 tells of Satan being bound! That old serpent is bound by a chain from an angel coming from Heaven and is bound for a 1,000 years. What a bunch of gobbledygook!

Depending upon one’s theological persuasion, a spirit (Satan or Devil) isn’t a person that you can “lock up” or incarcerate because one cannot put any chains upon a spirit. Nor does this work on a good spirit either, think of the scene when “Clarence” the angel is about to be arrested in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Thus, the very real earthly, yet unsavory deeds that are clearly observed by all has no accountability. IT’S INEVITABLE.  

This reminds me of a line in one of my favorite movies, The Shawshank Redemption, where Andy Dufresne explains the concocted scam to Red. Red tells Dufresne that you can’t just make someone up. Dufresne responds, “yes you can…and when they come looking for him, they will be chasing a phantom of my imagination.” Red, in awe and wonder proclaims Andy to be a genius.  

Laughs aside, isn’t this what transpires with belief in Satan?

Who did it? Christian theology has furnished society with an unaccountable, untraceable villain that society has no choice but to acquiesce to.


Red Pill – Satan is for buffoons; Eugenics is for real, has a long history & much worse than “Satan”  


This writer has long taken the road less travelled, a lonely secular road, to bring awareness to the writing of Will Durant on secularism and how to apply his ideas within society. I can no longer “withhold” the message of this essay out of “diplomacy” towards a group that I was once a part of. I do feel we are at a crossroad, like Russia was in 1916 and action must be taken if we stand any chance to change the direction of our future. I’m in tune to Christian thought, just about every sincere Christian I know is greatly concerned about what is happening! What they don’t see is how they have been neutralized. They are passionate, concerned and angry…anger is a great motivator. To me, liberty comes before secularism. When religion facilitates anarchy, pacifies people that need to fight back…I’m not going to apologize!

Satan is religious folly. What is real, what is worse than “Satan?” Eugenics is worse than Satan…because eugenics is real. Many, I mean many Christians are patriots and these patriots care…BUT I am unaware of any Christian that has gained the attention and took the fight towards the oligarchs and their scheme of Eugenics since Chesterton did it in 1922! Where are the Christian thinkers? Where are they? I’ll tell you where they are…they have been neutralized…it has been nearly a century since Chesterton’s “Eugenics and Other Evils.” Christians dominate conservative think tanks and patriotic groups as well! You haven’t heard much or understand eugenics due to the gatekeepers and out of fear to think independently outside of those groups!  

This writer understands the “conspiracy.” If you were paying attention,  you might understand why I don’t like to call it a conspiracy. I don't like calling it a conspiracy because what is been transpiring has largely been transpiring openly. Hasn’t anyone read or understood the gist of H.G. Well’s 1928 book, “The Open Conspiracy?” With mankind’s opposition to reading, propensity for gratification and the ease of diversion by distractions the oligarchs eugenics task is much easier.  

I don’t care to go into the conspiracy or to go into eugenics much. Christians are often called lambs in scripture and eugenics is where one needs to look “as lambs to the slaughter.” In the past year, I wrote an eye-opener about how eugenics got into the Christian churches (nobody else caught it…so I wrote about it.) The Christian church allowed the eugenicists in during the 1920's, a century later they're now entrenched! One of the greatest eugenic tentacles is abortion, responsible for 62+ million deaths. The church seems to be the eugenicist's favored mode of entry for many projects, if you want to understand how this occurred with abortion,  Christianity's Ineffectual Impact Upon Abortion

Yes, I’m very irritated because Christianity is leading us towards oblivion. Eugenics is about depopulation. The Christian cleric, Thomas Malthus gave great impetus with his 1798 book, “An Essay on the Principle of Population” and any open-eyed conscious individual can easily recognize how his ideas have figured into history since then.  

Reading Malthus (everyone should read Malthus,) because Malthus makes many pertinent points about society. Frankly, I can understand why the oligarchs that buy into eugenics view much of society as “worthless eaters” and why they can justify to themselves the many different ways to depopulate and rid the world of these “useless eaters.”  

I was being candid with my last paragraph! They just might have a point!  

What restrains furtherance of these eugenic lines of thinking boils down to ONE thing. That is God’s existence!  

Now I have watched the movie (I haven’t read the book) “The Brothers Karamazov” and I don’t recall the lines attributed to Dostoyevsky “if there is no God, then everything is permitted” being disseminated on video. The idea is there, but it isn’t expressed precisely this way. Whether one wants to credit Sarte or Dostoyevsky, God’s existence is a sufficient moral anchor that removes every conceivable reason an oligarch/eugenicist might summon to justify the practice of eugenics.  

That said, throughout history philosophical rationality has a function that restrains some but emboldens others with the rational (justification) to kill with impunity.  In my eyes, many Christian and conservative leaders are in bed with the eugenicists. Else, things wouldn’t have reached the point we find ourselves in today! Theology has largely brought us pacificism. Christian society largely hates Atheism because of the significance and potential impact of Dostoyevsky/Sarte’s thoughts about God. Again, that thought is: “if there is no God, then everything is permitted.”  I'll remind the sanctimonious, Atheists don't believe in Satan...Christians do!

I’ll close with this, Atheism has had minimal impact on the deliverance of what is transpiring RIGHT NOW before our very eyes. Christianity has been the gatekeeper. Christianity has the numbers and the people in place. What is transpiring has taken place due to Christianity. Deists have always been the rational thinkers concerning God, to hell with theology! Without the Deists, America wouldn’t be America. Deists were the cerebral entities that got us our independence. Christianity has always viewed Deism as a rival. Great ideas need support, it also takes money to propagate ideas. Deists were instrumental but their numbers were always minimal in society, the money followed Christianity.  Wasn’t it the great Deist, Benjamin Franklin that stated, “A Republic if we can keep it?”  

Satan does not exist, Christianity proclaims that he does. By now, hopefully you see the problem!


this article was written by Brian Worley 


Brian Worley  July 28, 2020   All Rights Reserved

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