Jesus they're killing the straw man again!

Brian Worley

Recently, it has become vogue to speak critically of religion, particularly Christianity. The same establishment media that has in the past traditionally aided and abetted the cause of the faithful has members that have now either garnered courage recently, or has been enlightened by reason.  Websites and blogs that are critical towards religion are becoming legion. Not that I am opposed to any of this, I have my own site that reaches out to anyone that will listen to what a university trained and former ordained Baptist preacher shares from his personal experiences about the Christian fraud.  

I can’t wait till the day that my one-year old daughter is old enough to understand the “Emperor Has No Clothes” story.  Young children learn the story once they are taught, but history teaches us that this lesson is often forgotten somewhere later on in life.  It is so easy to debunk Christianity, and the stigma for doing so is dissipating.  

We have just entered the year 2008; the world is a much different place than it was at the beginning of this century, just 8 years ago. You would have to be blind not to notice the impact of the internet, globalism, big business and monetary policies have had upon the average man.  

My normal optimism about the future has succumbed to the pessimism that follows while watching the crumbling financial world around us.  Of course, my pessimism isn’t going to stop me from working for the things that I believe in! You would think that a religious atheist would be in a jovial mood because Christianity is crumbling almost as rapidly as is the so- called middle-class citizen is.  I am not rejoicing because I am a humanist, and humanists care. 

What is it all about?

I don’t know the reason why such previously unpopular views are suddenly becoming mainstream. But one thing that I do know is that when a commotion takes place (at point A), attention to that commotion distracts peoples attention from something of much greater significance that is happening concurrently with that same commotion (at point B). Has it occurred to you why such promotion is poured into sports, religion, entertainment, and other ideas that distract people’s attention away from what is essentially important in life? If you think that I’m against sports or entertainment then you have missed the point! 

The current and correct media bashing of Christianity, as well as other commotions of religion, entertainment, sports and etc., are all happening at point A! What is happening at “point B” is what ought to concern any conscious freethinking human being!   

Meanwhile, you have the poker-faced preachers and ministers oblivious to truths that might free the Christian captives. The straw man, Jesus, is so easily destroyed with reason, if only they submitted to reason. Times are tough on preachers and churches; they are losing their flock, and thus their way of living. As many of the faithful are awaking to reason, their livelihood is at stake! 

As a veteran, I care deeply for my native USA. Times are changing in America, having forsaken it’s own constitution, she appears ready to merge into the North –American Union region of globalism within a few years. Am I fighting globalism? No, I just don’t trust it!  I am just one man observing the troubles that the burden of bad ideas (religion) brings upon society. 

Real Patriots Ask Questions

Religion was been very detrimental, not only to individual people, but also to society and to a country like the USA. Patriots, which should be a guardian watchdog, have been neutralized by the Christian meme.  Many have “bought the snake oil” and view our times as a sign that Jesus is about ready to rapture them away to escape the current and future turmoil. With this type of brainwashing, “point B” is well on its way unimpeded in a “Christian” country.  

From my vantage point, religion has greatly facilitated the establishment of “point B (globalism)”.  Globalism is here, and here for the long term. Obviously, it cannot co-exist with a constitutional republic. What will life be like once the full force of globalism’s intent is established? In time, we will see the answer to this question revealed.  Maybe, we don’t have anything to fear? Free thinkers cherish life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and I hope that our freedoms continue unabated. 

Look, I am an ex-minister and the impact and examining the many facets of religion is what I do. As to this title, “Jesus, They’re Killing the Straw Man Again” is another way for me to say that Christianity has almost outlived its usefulness. It seems we are entering a new paradigm. Globalism is very much pro big business, profit, and productivity. Maybe Christians are so heavenly minded that they are now deemed as little or no earthly good.  If so, proper changes need to be made. Perhaps this is what is behind the killing of the straw man surge of late. Skeptics’ arguments have always been around, but never so promoted by the establishment media as we have witnessed in the last year or so.  

I have stated elsewhere, that religion is a workplace distraction. Cases in point, just look at the Indianapolis Colts football team. Coach Tony Dungy is a vocal Christian, and a number of its players strongly embrace faith. Last season, one of its key players abruptly retired. We would understand if it was due to injury or ineffectiveness but this wasn’t the reason.  Part of the explanation given for this abrupt retirement was “because it was God’s will”.  I’m referring to All-Pro offensive tackle, Tarik Glenn. Now, did it matter to him that he signed a contract that had another year remaining on it that management had planned on him honoring?  Obviously no! That imaginary God in the sky was more important to Tarik than real live flesh and blood teammates laboring together for a common cause.  

Now as for coach Dungy, we have the annual tug of war between his God of the skies and his Indianapolis Colts football team. See how my point is made for religion as a distraction in the work place?  

Maybe globalism isn’t interested in these types of distractions. Distractions cost money!  Maybe a message is being sent to those Christians that feel their faith is being persecuted. Globalism’s godfather has a message for you, “It’s nothing personal, its only business”. 

Am I blaming Christianity for globalism, of course not! Just shedding light upon Thomas Paine’s type of patriotism to our current day brand of patriotism. If you disagree, then your arguments are not with me. Just look at the results of what a Christian nation has brought us! 

PS: To all skeptics, we ought to feel good about the progress we have made against religion. But let us not get so caught up in destroying error that we end up lacking the energy and passion to make our communities a better place to live in because we are here!



Brian Worley     January 20, 2008    All rights reserved

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