Belief  That an Embryo Has a Soul is Stupid      


Jim Worrell 


ďSince our inner experiences consist of reproductions and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seems to me to be empty and devoid of meaning.Ē ... Albert Einstein

            Christians believe that a zygote is a human being.  Let us examine the facts.

            Humans have animation just as other animals and insects do.  However, humans have developed speech beyond what any other living creature has done.  The quality of speech is what has driven the human race to become dominant among living things in the world.

            Further, our evolution has developed emotions such as fear, love and anger.  Our enlarged brains have seen humans die, and because dead people donít come back, our emotions, especially of love for family and self, donít want to fathom the truth that dead people are dead forever.

            Dead means dead.  There is no evidence of anyone, not even Jesus Christ, returning from the dead.  Beliefs donít count, only evidence counts.  We have people who doctors believed were dead because they couldnít get a pulse, but did revive.  This only means they werenít dead because the body has remarkable resiliency.  However, if you sever the head of a person, I will guarantee that they will never revive.  Death comes when all body functions cease, and remain that way for a period of time.  When corruption begins, you can state factually that the person is dead.  We have had people drown in an icy lake and revive an hour later.  This is not a miracle or a return from the dead.  It is a case of us learning how life can be preserved by reducing the bodyís temperature.  It is not a miracle, it is science.

            Turning now to the debate over stem cell research, Christians donít want scientists to use embryonic stem cells in their research.  Why, because the Christians believe that a fertilized womanís egg is a complete human being.  Lets now deal with facts and not beliefs.

Fact One:  The embryonic stem cells that scientist want to use are not embryos taken from the womb of a woman.  They are female eggs that have been fertilized in a Petri dish.  The import of this is that the fertilized egg will never become a human unless and until it is implanted in a womanís womb.  So, without the intervention of a doctor, none of these embryos will ever be humans.

Fact Two:  When a female egg is fertilized with a male sperm, it is called a Zygote.  Christians believe that a Zygote is a human being or has the potential of becoming a human being, and therefore is entitled to all the rights of a fully born human.  A Zygote has no brain, no eyes, no limbs, no heart, no lungs, no arms or legs.  In fact, it has nothing that we would recognize as a human.  So why do Christians continue to want to consider a Zygote as a human?  Because they say it has a soul given by God, and that to destroy this Zygote is to commit murder.  Does a Zygote really have a soul and does it exist for eternity?

Fact Three:  There is absolutely no evidence that an animated human has a soul or that such a soul exists for all eternity.  I want to quote an idiot to show you just how humans think of themselves (read ďsoulĒ).

            "I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end."  -Kahlil Gibran, "Anthem of Humanity"


            Does this yo-yo have any proof of what he is saying?  There is no evidence, no not one scintilla that he has a soul that will exists beyond his death, yet he makes the unfounded statement that he will exist till the end of time.  Does time end?  Does this idiot have any evidence that time will end?  Albert Einstein has proven that time and space affect one another and that time can be relative.  Time is not an absolute, but again, mere mortals donít understand Einstein.


Fact Four:  Animals such as dogs, cats, horses, elephants, etc., all have animation.  They also have emotions just as do humans.  Yet, Christians donít believe that animals have souls now or after death.  As an aside I want to relate two true stories.  An outdoorsman in Wyoming spotted an Eagleís nest high on the side of a mesa.  He waited for the mother eagle to leave the nest and he decided to climb up the hill to photograph the baby eaglets.  When he was about 15 feet from the nest, the mother eagle returned.  She nearly killed the guy before he could get down off the mesa.  The mother eagle was ferocious in protecting her young.

            The other story happened in Denver when a young mother who was on a mind-bending illegal drug, deliberately drowned her own baby in a bathtub.  Eagles donít take drugs.  And Christians will tell you that the eagle has no soul, but the baby-killer does.  I submit that neither has a soul, and certainly none that will exist after death.  What we have is animated lifeóa life that ends with death. 


Fact Five:  When the embryo used by scientists in stem cell research reaches day five, it has developed into about 150 cells, thirty of which are stem cells.  Those stem cells can be kept alive and replicating themselves for a long time.  This becomes what is known as a ďcell line.Ē  This cell line can be used for scientific research in curing horrible diseased that God has bestowed on the human race.  These stem cells can never become humans without the intervention of man.  Even God is powerless to act to make them into humans with eternal souls.  Yet, Christians believe these stem cells and cell lines are humans.  Their belief is totally without foundation, facts or evidence.  Christian beliefs are nothing more than mindless dogma put out by churches to indoctrinate their adherents.  Christians are really fearful that man is going to create life, thus destroying the Christian myth that all life comes from God.  Basically, Christians are in fear that science will prove they do not have immortal souls and that they arenít going to live after death by going to heaven, another mythical place.  They arenít going to heaven or hell, and when they die, they rot.

Fact Six:  There are millions of fertilized eggs that are aborted on a daily basis.  Women get impregnated and nature decides something is not right and that the embryo should destroyed.  This happens and women are not even aware of it.  Also, some women who are further along in their pregnancies also have involuntary abortions.  Christians ignore this killing of embryos.  Their simple stupid answer it that it is Godís will.  If there were a God, how could any Christian tell anyone what God will is?  Does God have to think?

Conclusion:  Zygotes and Blastocysts that exist because of in vitro fertilization (fertilization not in a womanís womb) are not humans.  They have no senses and none of the attributes of a human.  The eggs are fertilized by scientists who implant a sperm into the egg.  Eggs are not humans either, and women slough off eggs on a monthly basis with their menstrual periods.  Since many of the eggs go down the toilet or into a Kotex and then into the trash, there is no need to protest against scientist who get them from women and use them for scientific research.  In the end, religion and its adherents have always stood against science, but fully partake in its benefits when it suits their own health needs.  Christians are hypocrites.

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