Christianity through its teachings says that man has a free will and can thus choose between belief and non-belief. Of course with evangelicals, the only sin that will keep you out of heaven is non-belief. That belief is to believe that Jesus Christ was God, who came down from heaven, was crucified, died, and ascended into heaven.

The only thing we know about Jesus Christ comes from the writings in the New Testament. There was no contemporary history of Jesus. So, if you must accept the doctrines set forth in the Bible, you are required to accept all the absurdities, inconsistencies, improbabilities, and contradictions therein.

The question then is how do the religionists get people to believe that which requires the crushing of one’s intellect? It is done by extortion. The Oxford American Dictionary defines extortion as obtaining something through the use of force, threats or intimidation. We usually think of extortion as the act of obtaining money or other valuable things under false pretenses and deception. In the case of religion, the thing extorted is the intellect of the individual. Religion is a dumbing-down of the mind.

Early man could easily see that he was subject to the elements. He could not fly like a bird; he was not as strong as a lion; or as deadly as a viper. Man had to exert himself in order to survive. This realization caused man to fear the unknown, and especially death. Man did not know the meaning of his life or if life had any meaning.

Man juxtaposed his fears on various things which he deemed more powerful than himself and considered them gods. Man worshiped fire, the sun, the mountain, and even totem poles. As knowledge grew and science discovered more things about our environment, man’s concept of a more powerful force than himself kept changing. Today, religion has evolved into a God/spirit that is off somewhere in a place called Heaven. As the saying goes, the more knowledge we gain, the further out God is pushed.

With all our enlightenment and the very fine intellect we are given at birth, how do the religionists keep us believing? First, let it be known that all religion is based on fear of death and wishful thinking.

As stated in the first sentence of this writing, Christians tell man he has a choice to make, that is, accept Jesus or burn in Hell. Is that a choice, and more importantly, is it a free choice? A choice to be free must be absent of force, threats, coercions or intimations. Can a person freely choose to believe or not to believe in Jesus? Not so long as the threat of Hell is there. In fact, the choice has already been made for you. The choice is now “Jesus or Hell.”

As an example, suppose you are walking down a street on a dark night and a robber stops you with a pistol. The robber says, “Your money or your life!” Is that a choice? No! if you choose to keep your money, the robber shoots you and then you lose both your life and your money. The choice becomes one of choosing between the lesser of two evils. That is not a free choice because of the coercion involved.

As a milder example, suppose you go to an appliance store to look at a washing machine that is on sale. As you are looking it over, the salesperson shows you a few new features and then informs you you that this is the last day of the sale and the price will go up tomorrow. Or, he tells you that there are only two models left and they have been selling briskly. What he is trying to do is put you in fear of not getting in on the sale price. In short, he is trying to take away your free will and free choice by using coercive, high-pressure sales tactics. Only in Christianity, the threat is more invidious. There the threat for not believing is eternal punishment, i.e. Hell.

In religious extortion, the Christian teachings say, “You will burn in Hell for all eternity unless you accept Jesus Christ as your savior.” That is not a free choice. A free choice would be to either accept Jesus or not accept Jesus with no consequences for non-acceptance. When consequences are attached to one’s choice, it become extortion because the choice is coerced. To gain adherents to the Christian religion, extortion is the method used.

If a person grows up without the childhood influences of religion, his intellect may grow to be strong enough to see that religion takes billions of dollars from society and gives nothing in return, with a promise that is unrealistic, concocted, and definitely cannot be proven. This is the reason churches are so invasive in the public arena. They want to put Jesus’ portrait in every classroom; the Ten Commandments in every public building; to open every school class with a prayer; start every public meeting with a prayer, etc. They simply want to dumb-down the human intellect before it matures enough to see that all religious faith, regardless of what denomination, is false, invasive, destructive and harmful to the mind. Religion is extortion.


posted by Brian Worley      All rights reserved

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