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Ex-Minister wants to progress from an idea into a living breathing organization that makes an impact in our world! Sure, would love to have someone to write us a check! In the initial absence of this check, I am searching for ways to generate enough revenue to get us started. So, we are starting from nothing but a passionate idea in search of generosity & goodwill that would lead towards the common good.  

Sure, there are people that specialize in the formation of non-profits, I cannot afford them. Nobody has offered their services to help. So, I am doing the best I can with what I have (which is very little)!  So, I am looking for pioneers and partners that would “stick out their hearts and hands” and stand behind us. 


RATE INFORMATION: The idea of anyone taking an advertising spot would be to help financially support Ex-Minister. I will not disclose traffic information for various reasons. Traffic is excellent for a site of this size, and there are plenty of “VIP’s” and college age youth that frequent here! If you are looking for value or to maximize your “bang for the advertising buck”, I would suggest higher volume sites that cater to atheism or “new atheism” traffic. Remember the idea would be because you would like to help us out and/or support a worthy cause. In fact, I am not going to name a rate price. Be as generous as you can and we can work something out.

I would need to approve of your ad (I don’t want to advertise certain things.) We wouldn’t have a “contract” per say, but I would issue you a receipt. Part of the reason being that you could imagine the number of jerks I have to contend with upon running this type of website. Yes, I know these are "crazy terms" and I probably won’t get many takers. But perhaps I will! You could count on me to keep my word.

This is a new venture for me, hopefully someone with goodwill will want to see us succeed! Win, lose or draw, I’m going for it!


Brian Worley

Brian Worley   Ex-Minister.org   October 3, 2009   All rights reserved


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