Books of authors whom have consented to post an article(s) upon this website (Ex-minister isn't profiting with this, just seeking to promote website contributors)

Valerie Tarico  

Robert Jensen 

James A. Haught

Robert M. Price

Kai E. Nielsen 

Dale McGowan 

 Robert     Parry    

Wayne Madsen

Rami Shapiro 

Paul Benedict

John W. Loftus

Vincent Wales

Christa Brown

Howard Bess

Philip Ball

Thomas L. Thompson 

Dan Barker

Melanie Phillips

Warren Carter

Frank Schaeffer

Robert Cargill 

Robert A. Burt

Philip R. Davies 

Austin Dacey

Sally Quinn 

 Malik  Jabbar

 Tony Bushby 


Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy              posted by Brian Worley    

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