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When you examine Christianity with reason: anybody that fails to notice the many positive, wonderful things that Christians do within their communities and around the world must be blind or prejudiced!!! Helping the poor, needy and underprivileged is not only reasonable, it speaks well of their character and compassion!!! Quote me on this!!! 

Atheists, secularists and other non-theists rarely operate soup kitchens, orphanages and etc.. Sure, it isnít part of our modus operandi but if people of faith didnít step up to meet these needs, chances are that these needs might not be met at all! This page will seek to acknowledge and highlight some of the finest points of Christianity engaged in seeking the common good!  There probably isnít another page on the entire web like it coming from a non-theist's perspective. 

Note: Christianity isn't the only religion involved in the common good, just the one that Ex-Minister is more familiar with at this time. Ex-Minister is willing to list other faiths although I'm not that impressed  with the Islamic common good due to the fact of their disdain for democracy and human rights.  I don't look kindly to the imposition or inquiry  towards Sharia law into any democracy! Christianity and Judaism allow inquiry and skepticism without retaliation.

(this page is under construction)

The desire is to populate this page with worthy causes. Please note the distinction should be between a purely evangelistic ministry (which I am not interested in promoting) but rather to focus upon Christian groups that work towards the common good. The big question is: "Does the group emphasize meeting a need in the community or getting people into faith?  This question goes a long way in determining if your group is a good fit here. If you know of a Christian group that should be considered for this page please contact . .

This is unchartered territory and a pioneer concept that will develop over time. Beyond listing, plans are to  discuss/interview leaders that are (or seeking) to accomplish something good in the world. Nobody expects them to distance themselves from faith (they shouldn't) just as no one should interpret this as a secular approval of a lifestyle built on faith! In all, the emphasis is upon the common good despite our differences upon theism matters.

Smaller (lesser known) works/subjects need some secular verification to get listed (hint: someone to vouch for them!) Banners and logos are desired but not necessary!

Ultimately, I want to break down silly barriers that theists/non-theists erect to thwart the common good. Nobody is asking another to compromise what they believe in, we just want to find a way to get humanitarian work done!
















Notable: People of Other Faith's Common Good Contributions

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