The Atheist - Humanist Rift ( the Coup d'etat) & my Deism

Brian Worley


Not only is atheism godless, it is anti-religious AND anti-humanist as well! The atheist movement is attempting to pull off a double “coup d’etat” by destructing BOTH religion and secular humanism. When you "snuff out" religion (religious humanism) and secular humanism (secular common good) you will have essentially killed off most of the goodness from off of our planet!  Humanists are the people (religious and  secular) that make society livable, the atheist utopia is a Hell on earth society!  

I’m outraged at the atheist agenda and their coordinated assault on goodness in the world! I’m disappointed that nobody in the religious world has been effective in thwarting the carnage. I’m surprised that non-theists can’t recognize the agenda (or disinterested in fighting it); evidentially they don’t know what to look for unless their favorite atheist guru clues them in. The subversion by diversion tactic works very well with a misguided flock. 

In this post, I will write about what I have discovered along the way in my journey to organize, support and assist ministers that want to make the world a better place to live. I start with Ex-Minister’s original intent and explain the pure ideological rigidity in our world that serves to thwart or frustrate the attainment of Ex-Minister’s common good mentality. Parts of this may seem to be self-serving, but I need to tell this as a story and include details that get into the nitty-gritty concerning the obstacles we face in getting established.  

Ex-Minister’s original intent 

Original intent? I make a point to re-visit Ex-Minister’s original first page every so often to make certain that the organization doesn’t stray from it’s original purpose which was: 

Ex-minister's purpose is to address the abuses of religion in society and to support ministers whom are considering, or have already left their profession. We seek to find ways to use the talents of these former ministers in a way that would benefit society.

To the best of my memory, this was placed upon the worldwide web sometime during 2005 (prior to the skeptical explosion/assertion energized by the new atheist movement).  Soon thereafter and to my surprise, the questioning and challenging of religion became in vogue while anti-religious sentiment grew around the world. The demands for more and more critical religious/Biblical content grew upon our two websites. I was obliging for a while until I started to grasp the bigger picture, which has greatly concerned me!


Atheism’s ulterior motives & their utopia


I was “well schooled” in the tactics of religious fundamentalism and recognize its activities to be selfish, crude, and destructive. Little did I know in 2005 that an atheistic version of fundamentalism was going to step forth! Up until May 2008…I just thought that there was a new renaissance of enlightenment exposing the excesses and errors of religion. But this movement’s agenda has been more subtle and perverse than people realize.


Not only is this movement godless, it is anti-religious AND anti-humanists as well! The skeptical movement is largely blind to the source of the vast majority of global common goodness, which comes from the ranks of humanists (largely religious and secular to a much lesser extent). When you snuff out religion (religious humanists) and secular humanism (secular common good) you will have essentially killed off most of the goodness from off of our planet! Humanists are the people (religious or secular) that make society livable, the atheist utopia is a hell on earth society.


From my vantage point, the atheist agenda has been very successful thus far. If good men continue to do nothing about them, they will drastically alter the landscape of society to our detriment. Ex-Minister doesn’t want to be confused with atheism; on the contrary, we are looking for support to fight atheism!


The coup d’etat: Killing off religion & secular humanism


This atheist movement is attempting to pull off a double “coup d’etat” by destructing BOTH religion and secular humanism. I’ve personally witnessed this type of society within Latvia and want NO PART of their product! Americans don’t think and lack perspective…preferring to be spoon-fed whatever their remote control programming tells them to believe. I hope that this alarms you!


Atheists have infiltrated and supplanted the secular humanist organizations. In my opinion, there isn’t a secular humanist organization in America that lives and abides by a traditional understanding of the secular humanist position. There was a hostile takeover of the Counsel of Secular Humanism while the American Humanist Association (AHA) awards a Humanist of the year honor to such an obnoxious person as PZ Myers; this concerns me. Guess which atheist celebrity the AHA touts in it’s new “Consider Humanism” advertising/fundraising campaign? That’s right, the atheist Dawkins. Someone ought to tug AHA’s Executive Director Roy Speckhardt’s ponytail before he saddles the atheist horse! What’s next? Will the American Humanist Association merge with the American Atheists? Its getting harder and harder to see the distinctions between them!


In my opinion, American organized secular humanism is now just isolationist destructive atheism that counts on continued apathy from the remnants of its secular humanist constituency. People like myself that want to befriend, appreciate and work with people of faith (where we can) in a diplomatic fashion suddenly have had the “humanist rug” swiped out from underneath our feet. We can’t organize in groups anymore; the atheists have stolen them away!


I’d like to think that over the years that I haven’t let anyone else do my thinking for me. Although I travel a similar skeptical path concerning religious claims with other non-Christian believers, I have found myself frequently at odds with much of the anti-religious carnage and am aghast at the shallowness and lack of vision/perspective of skepticism run amuck. Were it not for those three years in Latvia…I might have aligned with the “fashionable side” of skepticism and joined in with the atheists.


The funding problems of Ex-Minister Organization


I have two Christian minister friends who tell me that I don’t write with that condescending angry edge that is evident with most all other skeptics. They say that they cannot stand to listen or tolerate atheism’s “foaming at the mouth” mannerism. Both say that it is obvious that I am trying to find solutions to issues and seek common ground. To my knowledge, these two men haven’t met each other but they both have said something like this to me… “Wow, Brian! You don’t hate anyone. How will you raise funds for Ex-Minister without an enemy? Plus they say, “You consistently take atheists and other non-theists to task…surely they don’t like you and your skepticism of religion won’t likely get you any religious support either!”


I hope that the funding part isn’t true, but my friend’s skepticism and diagnosis is very accurate! Funding almost always comes through coalition building of likeminded people. In theory, every non-theist should enthusiastically support Ex-Minister organization…especially the secular humanists…but they don’t! Why? Answer: organized secular humanism has been destroyed and it isn’t the nature of destructive atheism to support a humanist cause! Yes, I know…the façade is still there but the substance is gone!


The atheist vs. secular humanist rift


Writers such as NY Times writer Mark Oppenheimer have written lately about the atheists/secular humanist rift . Other non-theists seem to be embarrassed by the lack of unity of the movement. Me? I see a hostile take over and a total sell-out of the secular humanists that remain. Give the remnant non-resistant humanists a few dollars and they will acquiesce over to the atheist position (survival of the financial fittest). They are a bunch of worthless cowards and pacifists in my opinion! I’m a veteran that believes that there are things worth fighting for!  


Many that observe and comment upon the rift think that this is merely over what we should call ourselves (atheists, humanists, etc.) or how best to make our case. While these things are important, I see them as missing the bigger picture of humanity. I think it is shallow and arrogant to think that non-theists are exclusively the “saviors of society” and that such a small number of people get to make these types of decisions without first consulting with common good people of faith and involving them in the decision making process! Atheists pushing this agenda’s disrespect of religion are ideologues that are out of touch with reality and society. The atheists have barged in and dismissed much of  the good that religious and secular humanist history has produced and want to remake society in their image. Frankly atheists, society doesn’t care how much that you think that you know…until it knows how much you care. We have observed your anti-humanist tendencies and we don’t care to listen to you! We can’t ignore you though because the society you plan to remake is disturbing! Atheism doesn’t need a shrink…it needs a funeral!


It has never been my objective to become a firebrand for the secular humanists; the objectives of Ex-Minister have always been my goal and I am disappointed that it hasn’t garnered support thus far! Most every mention of secular humanism has been associated with the intention of coalition building with what I thought was a likeminded group of people for support. Now that I have returned to the US after a three-year absence…I see that the only coalitions to be built must be with atheistic ideology if it stands a chance of getting supported.


I have always had strong philosophical objections to atheism and I haven’t been shy about expressing them! This has rubbed a number of fellow non-theists the wrong way…don’t expect any apologies! I’m not a whore that will “sing a favored tune for my supper!”




I have thought of writing a book that I would entitle “Confessions of an Ex-Minister”. So many people have asked me to tell my story and yes, I have had an inquiry about a movie but they wanted me to contribute funds (which I didn’t have) and share in the profits. There are so many things that you would not realize unless you were in my shoes. I don’t want to cry in public or tell a poor me story because the revolutionary path to make a positive contribution to the world through the organization is still a work in progress!


It wasn’t wise of me to use my real name on the websites…I should have used a pen name but the damage has already been done! I have had so many hateful, cruel and sabotaging types of things done to me that have made life very difficult for my wife and I. We are human beings that hurt and bleed when stabbed. The viciousness of people has played into and complicated my thinking about the nature of God. Since leaving my Christian faith, I have always believed that there was “something else there.” The wrestling begins when determining if that entity should be called “god” and if God was nebulous or personal in nature.


Ex-Minister’s different ideal & skeptical direction


Ex-Minister has had a worldwide exclusive for a long length of time…and I wish it wasn’t so! Ex-Minister has been friendly to what I call PC Christianity (Philosophical or Cultural Christianity) and you won’t find another page like the Christian Common Good anywhere upon the web coming from a skeptic’s website. I have a completely different idea about where and how the skeptical movement should go about their business.


The reality is that it is the hard-line atheists that get supported and are pushing the skeptical direction. Americans follow what is popular or marketed to them…it is like a Geico commercial (you can’t help but notice because they are always around…tell people enough times and they will believe or buy). Keep in mind, atheism isn’t that attractive of a post-Christian alternative…but they are very effective at separating people from their faith. Separating people from their faith can be a bad thing if they leave for a non-humanist or a fundamentalist direction!


Frankly, the atheist position is weak and fragile. Christians just can’t do much with atheists because they have to do so with that big “albatross“ around their necks…the Bible (a losing proposition that atheists exploit). Realistically when looking at solving the problematic atheist agenda it is apparent that the Christians can’t and that the non-theist community won’t because only the atheist dog gets fed. It is going to have to be Deism that backs down the atheists! 


Do you recall the hoopla when Anthony Flew renounced atheism? Christians tried to claim him for his theism until people like myself clarified that Flew wasn’t a theist or a Christian but that he was a Deist! Atheists didn’t like it because they KNOW that a serious case can be made for a deistic god. Atheists are bold with Christianity, yet timid with Deism.


I have always been able to “toy” with atheism and feel that I could neutralize if not destroy atheism with support. I am motivated to do so! Personally, I have been avoided and disrespected by their cocky leaders and nothing would thrill me more than to “cut them down to size”! Would I be willing to do this? Give me what we need to run the organization and you can call me “the atheist hit man!”


Question is this, “When will the rest of the world stop sitting on the sidelines and step forth to support the work of Ex-Minister?”  When will skeptics stop feeding the atheist dog? Ex-Minister is in tune with those who see the need to deal with problematic or toxic religion WITHOUT going to the atheist extreme of trying to kill religion.


There is a misperception “out there” that we are/would be “anti-religious.” This isn’t true! In fact, Ex-Minister would rightfully have to be considered a protector of religion against the atheist onslaught. Yes, we seek to rid the world of problems that rogue fundamentalist elements (atheist and Christian) cause; but don’t confuse us to be anti-religious because we are well qualified to counter extremists. Please remember, that there is plenty of division within Christianity already due to fundamentalism. We believe that our work would lend towards ecumenical success and Christian cohesiveness.


That different idea in action


Is anyone familiar with Patrick Hoogmartens and Jozef De Kesel? They are two courageous Belgian Bishops that want to challenge/debate the church over clergy celibacy. Now, isn’t it hypocritical of you to sit back and moan about clergy pedophiles when progressive thinking would find a way to support these two pioneers? What? Don’t you think that a happily married minister with a healthy sexual relationship with his wife would make church life a safer place for all involved? After all, biblical guidelines clearly permit clergy to marry. This is just another example of ways that a funded organization like Ex-Minister could help support two worthy clergymen that are not only unlikely to get support from within the church. These men will encounter plenty of opposition for doing a good deed!


Why haven’t I expressed my Deistic beliefs earlier?


Up till this point, I have been very tentative to express my Deism. Tentative because of my desire to see Ex-Minister come to fruition and sensing that my Deism admission might hurt the chances of securing funding for the proposed organization. Perhaps I have self-imposed mind limitations because it is difficult for me to envision those with stronger religious sentiments supporting us while any sort of “softening” on the God question would likely hurt us with those secularists that I had envisioned would be more likely to support us.


What I have been struggling and wrestling with is “funding concerns” versus what I perceive to be the nature of God (in the Deist construct). My perception isn’t that God wants to be worshiped (He isn’t vain) but rather that God should be acknowledged and respected! My conscious has been bothering me for referring to myself as a non-theist…in effect this in reality is a denial and disrespect to God that needs to end! Here I stand!


I don’t want to go into Deism here, this should all come later. I won’t say “evidence”…I’d rather say indicators would be a better way to express things. [Here we are in the year of 2010 and nobody has yet to prove or disprove God]  Frank Schaeffer’s father Francis stated the concept very well with his perception of the reality of God (albeit Christian) with one of his book titles “He is There and He is Not Silent!”  A careful Ex-Minister reader would have already discerned the many Deist clues peppered throughout the website, starting with my second page “Faith Robs Man”. Certainly, my Deist admission will change many things and it will take a length of time to reconcile the website content to where it needs to be. Please be patient with me!


May reason prevail…with love and compassion!


Ideologically, Ex-Minister organization will continue to operate from a secular base to deal with religious and atheistic fundamentalism. Deism has no revelation and operates with a golden rule, common good mindset based upon reason. I really want to work with PC Christianity and thus need to distance the organization from atheism. I sense that people might not believe me on this part…would my assault on atheism be enough to convince you? 


I didn’t foresee the emergence of atheistic fundamentalism when I started Ex-Minister. Now that they are here, and here to stay…they are problematic and need to be dealt with. As a Deist, I will maintain religious skepticism without the denial of God. I’m not so sure if Deism can rightly be called a religion because it doesn’t have a revelation. Religion isn’t the problem, fundamentalism of both persuasions is!


My suppressed Deism has also kept me quiet about some issues that I have previously been silent about. Some might think that they have me pegged and assume that I might side with a particular side on moral issues and politics. Truth is that I consider myself to be progressive but am much more conservative than you think. I don’t have much time to work the website, but look for me to itemize many views upon religiously charged issues of our day. Until then, serious potential supporters can ask me and I would be willing to discuss these with you.


Being progressive means “out of the box” thinking rather than partisanship and engaging in the politics of resentment. For example, atheists loathe faith-based initiatives because they are not personally interested in humanity; they would rather fight the common good because they don’t want Christians to appear in a positive light. May I remind everyone that I was the only non-theist in the world to challenge the atheists and they ignored me (backed down). Still the Counsel for Secular Humanism’s atheist leader refuses to stand up and debate me on the issue. What a coward!

A Personal Note to my atheist friends 

You might not be too familiar with Deism, but I think that it is much more plausible than atheism. My coming out of the non-theist closet might surprise you…yes, I wouldn’t have ventured in this direction if I didn’t think I could defend the Deist viewpoint against whoever you consider your strongest debater to be. I’m confident…not cocky. Currently, I am separated from my library, which is stuck in Latvia because I cannot afford to ship it back to the US. Whenever Ex-Minister gets funded and I regain access to my library, I am going to target those former ex-minister atheists that are uninterested in a humanist cause like Ex-Minister. 

Getting back to motives and why I originally went into the ministry. I went into the Christian ministry back then because: 1) I felt that God wanted me to do so 2) I wanted to do things that helped people (humanity building…which without that rigid hard-line of fundamentalist mentality is religious humanism). In kind, I ask you to review your motives, what are they?  

I challenge you to find a constructive cause or concern that is worthy of your concentration. Ex-Minister has been my cause that is critical yet goes beyond being merely destructive. Find a way to get involved in a cause that brings meaning to life and benefits humanity!  

Take a deep introspection and be critical of yourselves. Are you building anything of value? Are you the only crowd that agrees with the current assessment of what the atheists have accomplished? Can you work with other people? Do you reach out to work with others or are you even approachable? If you were to work with others, does it have to be in accordance with atheist style and mannerism? Can’t you do so without pirating secular humanism? 

In Ex-Minister’s case, I have tried and exhausted myself trying to work with you! I have first hand experience witnessing atheist politics in action. I want progress and I’ve discovered that the atheists can’t be worked with! Ex-Minister is a humanist organization that has been the recipient of atheism’s politics of resentment. In the skeptical world, atheists are in the controlling positions of power and frankly…atheists just don’t want to see anyone succeed unless they are card-carrying atheists.  

I definitely don’t see atheism as loving people or for that matter even liking people. It is so evident in the way that the majority of atheists communicate with those who see differently than you do. Atheists keep repeating that they are not bad people…I see atheist hostility in your communiqués and I am still searching to see what good you are doing in our communities (you boast of having numbers…where is the evidence of your community good?). Face it; atheism is nothing more than a demolition crew destroying the common good! Why identify with them if you are a good person? 

I was “out of the loop” for those three years in Latvia, upon my return to the US and after critically re-examining American religious society and culture I have come to many of the same conclusions as Bruce Sheiman in his exceptional book “An Atheist Defends Religion.”  I disagree with the extent and degree in which most atheists proclaim religion to be harmful.  

In short, I fault atheism for lacking vision and compassion; your critical eyes of introspection are dimmed. I’ve written two observatory articles this year: Christian Egalitarianism for Non-believers (since deleated) and The Good-guy vs. Bad-guy Scenario: A Fundamentalist Primer . So after reading these you can see why I can’t continue on with you and why atheism is deserving of the “bad guy” label.  

And for those of you who might think that…let me assure you that my disgust with atheism has little to do with my Deism and your denial of God (it is not a rivalry/jealousy thing). You may primarily think that the extent of atheism applies to such religions as Christianity or Islam, but it also denies Deism. It rubs me the wrong way that many atheists scoff and ridicule people like myself for believing in God!

The criteria I use to determine whom I seek and maintain friendships with have much to do with the individual’s character and compassion. I can accept your personal disbelief in God because you fail to see any evidence; this in itself doesn’t make you a bad person. What I can no longer accept is tolerating your silence about the demolition of the common good that occurs in your organizations due to atheism! These groups grow because people accept and uncritically support them. Your identification with common good killers make you an accomplice with their ugliness.  You should get off the fence and renounce atheism and their agenda if you are a common good type of individual.

In closing, I think that there are many skeptics that want a decent group to hang with that don’t have options right now. I now hereby withdraw all of my recommendations of any secular group but would very much like to know if after this posting if I have any atheist friends remaining? I’m not going to pull back my punches and true freethinkers should respect what I've stated on this post!  

I would welcome your support for the stand I have taken. I’d also like to extend an invitation for you to consider Deism.  

Jump off of the atheist bandwagon and tell groups like: Freedom From Religion Foundation, Counsel for Secular Humanism, American Atheists where they can stick their caustic atheism! Stop supporting people in opposition to the common good and start supporting those that do! 

Brian Worley   Ex-Minister.orgNovember 18, 2010   All rights reserved


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