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Written in 2020


July 28, 2020

Satan doesn't exist -- something worse does

 There are 2 Christian beliefs that greatly facilitate the destruction of the American Republic. In this, I'll address the first. I'll explore the great question about Satan's existence (this is a much more interesting question than the question of God's existence.) Belief in God is rational, belief in Satan is a Biblical idea that needs scrutiny. I question and ask where are the Christian thinkers since Chesterton? I'll conclude by answering that Satan does not exist. I'll debunk a few conspiracies along the way and get into what is worse than Satan. I hope you will read & digest this one...I can't think or anything else like this...this is a topic that I hasn't been given much thought. Hopefully, it will generate thought in society. One thing that I'll mention here - because I don't mention it in the article is that I do believe that people practice Satanism, that there are people that sincerely believe that Satan does exist. That people act upon this belief and their practices are despicable. People believe a lot of weird things...their belief doesn't make it true. I once worked with a guy that took a temporary "side job" for a few days. That "job" took him into Bohemian Grove in Northern California. Satanism, Moloch beliefs are practiced and acted upon and this is disturbing! I'm inclined to believe that there might be some validity to some esoteric entities (weird stuff that even rational people would have difficulty explaining.) There are many things that I don't know this article, in context is dealing with the Biblical account of Satan and its effect upon society (not of the unknown). I'll remind those of you that are Christians, the God of the Bible kills at least 32 million himself in the Bible (see Well's article)...but somehow this doesn't seem to disturb you? You're so occupied with Satan that there is much that you don't see. The entity that is worse than Satan (you'll need to read) that I do name in this article is responsible for 62+ million deaths at the time this was written. People don't think much anymore...nor do they read! Be different -read- think - act!

July 19, 2020

Before You Bury the Bastard: Preacher Don't Omit This From the Eulogy

This one is personal, about my father, the man as I knew him and family betrayal. This is about preachers behind a casket or urn that discuss someone other than the man or woman in front of them and what they were really like. This is about the funeral as a political battleground, about bullying & attempts to deprive people from paying respects and progressing through the stages of grieving. 

July 10, 2020

Heaven can't exist -- Here's Why

This one can change the world if this truth gets out! Why? Because there isn't a Biblical expositor that can refute it! What has happened to reading skills & comprehension? People that want or plan on going to Heaven should read about the place they plan on going. I've never heard anyone make the points that are communicated in this conversation with St. Peter. Will Heaven be overcrowded? Will anyone go to Heaven at all? This is a thinking exercise for the soul. At the end, I'll list 10+ issues/questions that believers won't be able to sufficiently answer.

Written in 2019


August 19, 2019

Christianity's Ineffectual Impact Upon Abortion

Don't you think that it is bizarre that "Christian churches" fight for abortion? That 62% of women having abortion are religious disciples? How did it get this way? What Baptist group led the way? In this, I discuss moral anchors and their absence and the absence of "Jesus" in faith claims of liberals. What the Roman Empire had before Christianity ( was better, more equipped, to challenge today's madness). I ponder & answer why liberal churches don't die when they absolutely should. I clearly state that abortion is morally wrong....and do so also by scripture to deprive "untethered" souls any justification they may twist to fit their narratives. It greatly upsets me that conservatives haven't noticed and can't win these battles against liberals. They can't because there are problems due to their being religious conservatives. A secular conservative can say so many things a religious person can't! In this I state what my personal position on abortion is, and what I feel governmental policy should be and actions that should be implemented.


February 11, 2019

The Scientist That Initiated the Global Warming Issue Later Destroys Consensus

   It was Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb, that strikes the alarm in a 1959 speech to the American Petroleum Institute and the Columbia Graduate School of Business of what became the Global Warming hysteria. Teller, 30 years later, signs the 1988 Oregon Petition (you ought to read it) that absolutely destroys the "consensus" lie that is pushed down the throats of society. Did you know that over 31,000 scientists have signed the petition? Over 9,000 of these scientists have a PhD degree in a relative field. WHY ISN'T THIS KNOWN? It reads..."There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth.  BOTTOM LINE - You can't consider it a consensus with 31,000 dissenters!!!!

Written in 2018




November 22, 2018

Progressives Fiddle While Paradise Burned

   Weather control IS a progressive idea that has been utilized for many decades. A few lines discuss that history and then I ask a very pointed question, "Why isn't weather control used for human good?" On Nov 8, 2018 wildfires destroy Paradise, California. If only those "sanctimonious Progressives" that are always "out front" with ideas that advance society and actually help people were asking the same questions decades such as these wildfire destruction wouldn't ravage communities. Of course, I'm being sarcastic because the reality is that Progressives don't really give a damn about people...they just want to pander to the naive. If Progressives were true to their namesake, events such as these could largely be controlled by weather control technology and human suffering lessened. This is a rant about pandering secular "do gooders"....that they aren't good for much! They are lying despicable salesmen!!!



February 21, 2018

Biblical God Flunks Geography

   An omniscient God is supposed to know everything, however, this discovery of a major geographical error destroys the validity of the Christian claim that their God is omniscient and that their Bible is inerrant. It is a Biblical farce! God cannot be omniscient if he has deficient knowledge of geography! The writer is a Deist and has a much higher view of God than Christians do. This is not a boast, but a sincere expression that God, to be God, must NOT BE A FLAWED ENTITY. I'm asking Christians to forgive the provocative title & to suspend judgment for the 10-15 minutes this will take to read. A Deist has the highest respect for God, this is not an attack upon God, this is a defense of God and his attributes! Kierkegaard's Infinite Qualitative Distinction is discussed. This is the most egregious error of the Bible & cannot be reconciled. Christianity will withstand this discovery, but this will reveal that they follow a book written by a mortal.


Written in 2017


April 13, 2017

Confessions of an Ex-Minister: Part I

 I tell my deeply personal spiritual story & quickly get into my childhood, the torments & my love and appreciation for the church. I also tell of the accident that nearly took my father's bore witness to me that God is real and that sometimes God intervenes if we are humble enough to pray.  



April 14, 2017

Confessions of an Ex-Minister: Part II

Continuation, in this I get into some spiritual/secular stories from the US Army and my years at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL.

April 3, 2017

Would Thomas Jefferson Get Elected in Today's USA?

Without the Deists, America would have likely never been anything more than a colony. Jefferson was a Deist, yet in today's world he wouldn't likely get elected.

March 31, 2017

Opaque Morality: The Great Secular Ethical Identity Problem

 Secular souls have an inherent disadvantage in society when it comes to trust and expressing values. Secular morality is opaque! What should we expect people to just trust us when we can't specify our ethics and values? This is THE # ONE issue that secularism faces!

Written in 2016


November 09, 2016

Congratulations Donald Trump!

 Written on election night, for the first time publicly I reveal a little of my political beliefs. That I would never vote for a Clinton or Bush...NEVER! That I had once worked on a Republican Central Committee in the 90's...well, I hope you will read the rest! 

Written in 2015




September 08, 2015

Freedom of Unbelief: Worthy of Protection - Where's the Human Rights Legislation?

 While we have freedom to believe, we don't have the inverse proposition...freedom of unbelief! Written after the Charlie Hebdo murders. If we don't have freedom of unbelief then we truly don't have religious freedom. I bring what I believe is a unique model (a first) by showing that freedom of unbelief needs to be paired with religious freedom and that it should conduct itself similar to what happens in a nucleus of an atom and follow the laws of electricity.  

February 18, 2015

The Myth of Misogyny and the Meaning of Marriage

 One of my favorites! Not taking the bait on hatred and getting into the spirituality that makes marriages work. Utilizing the Biblical story of Adam & Eve as a secular writer and how this is a GOOD thing to help people see how easily they get tripped up! I use this as a positive reinforcement and model of a secular being to utilize scriptures for a good cause.

Written in 2014


July 17, 2014


What Aggressive Secularism Does to Society


I have completely re-written my older article Will Secularism Destroy Society? Hopefully, I have gotten wiser and found a better way to communicate the subject matter. I consider this the most important subject of secularism. I make some confessions in this, the only article that I have ever re-written. Durant & Santayana anchor the post as before, but in this my goal is to apply their message within the secular crowd. I share a ministers perspective about secularism that might give one something to ponder. The sustainable adjustment section is where I discuss a new strategy about aggressive secularism. I hope you will slowly read this one.


       Subway Melt Forbidden by Muslim Boss  
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BLOG POST   Organizing for Unbelief in Canton North Carolina  
BLOG POST   Fred Phelps, Funerals and Family: Christian Advice on Dealing with Apostates  
BLOG POST   Religion has drawn their lines -- Secularism hasn't defined theirs  
BLOG POST    Obama, EEOC, Fascism and the Failure to Protect Unbelief  

Written in 2013


March 22, 2013

The Battle for Religious Freedom: The Next Step

 I define the four things you must have in order to have religious freedom. The next step we should take is to assimilate protection from retaliation into our thinking when we define freedom of religion. I see blasphemy as retaliation and discuss this and other aspects of evangelism that lead to retaliation.

Written in 2012


November 1, 2012

Nation Building, Cohesion and the Atheist Nemesis

A pastoral essay. The little known secular movement that has protected the USA since it's founding and the illegitimate one destroying America today. Why a dualistic religion/secular arrangement is good for nation building. I call for the destruction of the "new atheist secular movement"! 

October 16, 2012

Humanists That Want to "Cross Out" America

 I point out humanist hypocrisy and why the origins of a cross matter. Edwords & PZ's war on our culture.

October 3, 2012

Dualism or Duel? The Question That Transforms Religious Conflict

Do we want to fight (Duel) or have a checks & balance religious/secular (Dual) approach? I compare two approaches toward religion. When applied to religious/secular culture these similar sounding words separated by a vowel make all the difference in the world!  This dualism (in essence) is Ex-Minister's brand/method viewed through history's conflict (hindsight) and a path for our future.

March 9, 2012

Prayer Common Sense: An Ex-Minister's Perspective

 Need drives prayer, I don't think it should be ridiculed as silly. It should be a private affair as Jesus taught.

Feb. 24, 2012

Ex-Minister's Perspective on Liberation Theology and Poverty

 I think my title/subtitle covers this one. Poverty is a great teacher, the subject matter pervades themes of religion/skepticism and should inform the positions that we take...unless your a cold hearted SOB. I discuss the events of El Salvador and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Liberation Theology.
BLOG POST               Reason Rally...Really?  

       A Little Exercise for Young Atheists

BLOG POST                 Reason Rally Re-dux  

Blew the Budget on Bombs, Sorry No Money Left for the Basics

BLOG POST   Unable to Make a Compelling Case for Atheism  

               Proverbs for Politicians


Written in 2011


Oct. 26, 2011

The Secular Case Against Gay Marriage

 Marriage is a civil/secular institution that needs lifting from those that mire it in religion. Those that speed read or sound bite will likely miss the "heart" contained within the Off Topic Questions that Christians need to ask section. The church's Biblical stance on homosexuality is a problem that they don't know how to fix. If they don't atheism will! 

Oct. 2, 2011

What God Won't Do...A Justice Primer

 I almost said social justice, but I'm not satisfied with the concept. Justice is the solution , I explain how a homiletical adjustment can be made without compromising people's faith. Written as a good natured non-threatening challenge to current Christian theological thought. Justice and meaning are closely related.



Aug. 3, 2011

Why I am not an atheist a skeptics case for God

 A deist debunks atheism and explains why belief in God is reasonable. I speak about the positive side of religion and explain why atheist beliefs aren't conducive to building a healthy society. My second best article.

March 30, 2011

Ethics and Morality

 The divisiveness of secular morality and religious ethics is problematic! Finding a starting point of  where to begin discussing this chasm, holding people accountable and seeking to break down separation barriers. 

Jan. 15, 2011

Will Secularism Destroy Society?

 The great clerical refrain is true, Will Durant on the subject matter. I consider this my best article.
BLOG POST   Beware of Atheist Nut Jobs...Some Have Guns!  
BLOG POST    When Lunatics Claim to Know the Mind of God  
BLOG POST                    The Function of Myth  

             Fixing the Easter Scandal

BLOG POST        Riots, Flash Mobs and Religion  
BLOG POST      The Plot to Undermine the American Pulpit  

              Cain's Plan for his Brother

BLOG POST            Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen  
BLOG POST      A Skeptical Humanist and his Newspaper  

Written in 2010


Dec. 9, 2010

The American Atheist Billboard: A Public Menace and a Failure to Understand Myth!

  The power and function of myth in society, Christmas crashing by obnoxious atheist group

Nov. 18, 2010

The Atheist - Humanist Rift & My Deism

 Why atheism needs to be destroyed, Secular Humanism, Atheism and my announcement that I am a Deist

Sept 2, 2010

Discovery Gunman was an Atheist

 I just missed the crazed atheist gunman at Discovery Headquarters...A subjective inquiry into the God question

July 29, 2010

Hitchens, Cunningham and Hebrews 12  

 Hitchens' cancer and Randal Cunningham's son drowns...a look at "Divine retribution" and false guilt due to Hebrews 12



Feb. 12, 2010

Solutions: People of Faith & Faith Based Initiatives

 Why secular opposition to faith based initiatives should cease.


Jan. 2, 2010

The Good-guy vs. Bad-guy Scenario: A Fundamentalist Primer  

 I get into a little of my fundamentalist past and how the game is played upon the right. I name names and address the current day fundamentalism within non-theism and how to fight it!

BLOG POST       The Supreme Court and Westboro Baptist  
BLOG POST         Herm Edwards' Beer Commercial  
BLOG POST            Radical Islam and Cordoba House  
BLOG POST           Applauding Dawkins Latest Move  
BLOG POST       Destiny and Other Sports Non-sense  
BLOG POST      Virgin Birth Question Answered by Philip Ball  
BLOG POST                    Scientific Virgin Birth?  

Written in 2009


Nov. 13, 2009

Proxy Killing and Modern Day Slavery in the Baltic's

 An untold account of the Nazi Army killing of Jews  in  the Baltic region  from a survivor, The world's highest suicide rates are in the Baltic's, &  Modern Day Slavery of the Baltic people


Nov. 4, 2009

Birmingham Conference is "Out of Focus"

 Confusion with church names , quack Christian cures for homosexuality, Focus on the Family


Oct 12, 2009

A Progressive New Secular Paradigm with a Jekyll & Hyde Approach Towards Christianity

   A new and improved secular approach towards Christianity. This sets forth Ex-Minister's Organizational thinking that "warms up" to progressive Christianity.



Sept. 24, 2009

The Unasked Question & the Possibility of a Creator

  Short but asks the question we should be asking!

Sept. 24, 2009

Ted Turner's Turnabout on Religion

   Looking at how Ted Turner has handled religion 

July 31, 2009

Creation vs. Evolution

  Looking at modern day foolishness, including secular answer for origins.

June 6, 2009

 Latvia: "Giving Democracy a Bad Name"

  Brian's story of living in Latvia dealing with corruption and the state of human rights

May 18, 2009

Is Leaving the Ministry Like Leaving the Mafia?

  Minister's wanting to leave the ministry & the discrimination they face

Apr.  4, 2009

The Christian's Identity Theft & the Conformity Prison

  What faith does & takes from a person

Apr.  3, 2009

Tongues: The Biblical Case Against Today's Gibberish

 The four Biblical rules. According to the Bible speaking in tongues isn't Biblical. 

Mar.  2, 2009

I Don't Want to Talk About It!

  Racism, Baptist pedophilia, Bob Gray Donald Domelle, Martin Luther King & TTU

Jan. 30, 2009

Secular Humanism: The Best Post-Christian Alternative

 Alternatives to atheism & becoming a secular humanist upon leaving the faith. The problem with atheism  
BLOG POST     Review of Paul Benedict's "Evangelicalism: Another Hallucinogenic"  
BLOG POST                       Uldis is Gone!       
BLOG POST            Too Religious for the U.S. Army  
BLOG POST      Biblical Separation and the Common Good  
BLOG POST              Lodi, California and the FFRF  
BLOG POST      Power, Prestige, and the Riverside Pulpit  
BLOG POST            Rescuing Steve McNair from Hell  
BLOG POST             Shutting Down a Belarus Church  
BLOG POST             Oral, How Tall was Jesus?  
BLOG POST                  A Cave and Some Sand  

The YEAR OF 2008 

 Dec. 26, 2008

How "Blank" it is to be Loved by you

 Brian discusses his family, Canton, N.C. life & the  grief from Christians for leaving the faith while  looking at the character of Christians

 Dec. 16, 2008

 God and the Banker sure have a lot in common

 similarities of "god" and the bank

Dec. 2, 2008

The Fundamentalists are Correct About Gay Marriage

  Good reasons to be against gay marriage UN Declaration of Human Rights Art 16

Oct. 26, 2008

Guns in Churches: A Look at Christian Paranoia

  Guns in church, environment, Masons, de-bunking theocracy with the Bible

Apr. 2, 2008

Let the Dead Bury the Dead

  Latvian holocaust, Jesus treatment of those  in grief, why Jesus was silent about genocide

Mar.  8, 2008

Jeremiah & the Old Testament Forgery

   Jeremiah tells of forgery, Book of Jasher,  preservation of scripture myth

Mar. 1, 2008

The Split Personality of Christianity

 Fundamentalism vs. PC Christianity Yale Lectures, Latvia & communism

Feb. 5, 2008

The Pleasure Police

 Christian suppression of sex sexual attitudes, marriage, Catholic church

Jan. 20, 2008

Jesus, They're Killing the Straw Man Again!

    Patriotism, Atheism, Liberty the sudden charge against religion


Jan. 17, 2008

Tony Dungy's Christian Dilemma

 the call of God, honoring commitments    NFL football & faith


January 2008

In Two Minds: The Anatomy of a Christian Hate Letter - Fifth

In this letter, post-conversion treatment of Christians is discussed.

January 2008

In Two Minds: The Anatomy of a Christian Hate Letter - Third

In this, I discuss not hearing anyone challenge faith until I was 33 and a clip of my protesting the NCC.

January 2008

In Two Minds: The Anatomy of a Christian Hate Letter - First

This letter includes my brother's reply and the open letter to my friends and family for weird behavior.


     Hong Kong Atheist Interview with Virginia Yue  

 The YEAR OF 2007 


Dec. 2007

Anatomy of a Christian Hate Letter: Introductory Letter of the Series

The first of a series of letters with Dr. Valerie Tarico concerning the reactions of family and friends concerning Brian's departure from faith. 

Dec. 18,  2007

You Can't Have it Both Ways

 Reason/faith don't mix, hermaphrodite & gay/straight sexuality, castaways & CS Lewis

Nov. 26, 2007

Pipers that Lead us to Reason

 Rock songs with messages of reason Eagles, Bon Jovi, REM,


Nov. 17, 2007

The Devil is in the Details

 Roy Varghese's book,  Anthony Flew  why definitions are so important!!!

Oct.  5,  2007

The God of the Bible is a Sheep Beater

     God beats Christians Death of a child, chastisement,  Christian suffering, 


Sept. 15,  2007

Christian, " Do you really have it?"

 Most Christians will not go to Heaven & why    Hell, Eternal security,

May  28, 2007

How Faith/Religion Robs Man

   Religion...a big fork in the road 10 point summary on how it's done!



Spring   2007

The Bible Has Errors!

 The myth of Biblical inerrancy  sun worship, God's problem with chariots

Written in the  YEAR OF 2006 (or earlier) 


2005 ???

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