Ex-minister's purpose is to address the abuses of religion in society and to support ministers whom are considering, or have already left their profession. We seek to find ways to use the talents of these former ministers in a way that would benefit society.

My story:

The idea behind Ex-minister was born several years after I had left the Christian ministry, I had always considered myself a "seeker of truth" and would always follow truth no matter where it took me.....even if it led me to the point of walking away from my faith, my bachelor's degree and years of church experience. My discoveries brought me to a point where I must make a decision about whether I would stay and make a living in what I was trained to do, or to propagate something I just couldn't believe in. When I left the Christian ministry in 1999 I had no idea how the religious community would isolate me and act as if I was never a part of their community. I felt very courageous for following my conscience, but very lonely and the need to make new friends because my old friends didn't want me around anymore because of my leaving the faith. 

Ministers often have talents that can be used to make society a better place and most ministers make that contribution within the framework of their church or religious organization. My vision is to organize and support these courageous ex-ministers that would want to unite with other former ministers/workers to address the abuses of religion. Who better knows the world of religion than ministers?

Plan of action:

Churches/organized religious factions can intimidate people in many different ways and often succeed because of a lack of skilled people who are prepared to meet their challenges. Ex-minister's desire is to neutralize the abuses of these individuals. This is done by first supporting the minister when they leave their  ministry.  Once these are ready we  seek to place them back into a role that is consistent with Ex-minister's purpose.  We will hold regional workshops, organize "think tanks",  and plan to be in place when an Ex-minister representative needs to be present at an event.

How you can contribute?

1.  To former ministers interested in cooperating with Ex-minister please email your story, location and how you feel you could contribute with  us.

2.  Legal representation is needed.

Founder: Brian Worley

 Graduate of Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN   1990 B.S.  Pastoral Studies

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