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Articles on that were written only by Brian Worley can be copied without permission if all 7 of the following conditions are met. Pages from the “In Two Minds” series are off limits. Please note, that you would need to get your own permission from the authors whom have consented to post articles upon this website. Don't ask me for their contact information. Anything questionable, fuzzy or outside of these conditions you should contact me about.  

1)   Used only for non-commercial purposes (You shouldn’t profit on my labor)

2)   Provided no alterations or changes are made

3)   The entirety of the article including the date, source and all rights reserved is reproduced

4)   Proper credit is notated with a courtesy link back to 

5)   Permission is extended only to the world wide web usage

6)   There is a limit of three articles allowed to be added to your site or blog

7)   If I ask you to pull my article from your site, you will consent to do so within seven days time.

Basically, I am into promoting a naturalistic, humanistic, and godless point of view. I am not interested in manipulating others, or being manipulated (thus the conditions). welcomes suggestions and corrections such as broken links, etc. I will repair them if I am able (as I said, I am an amateur webmaster). Contact information is near the bottom of this page. 

LINKS welcomes links to this site. You may establish a link to this site, provided that the link does not state or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of your site by I am open to linking to your site or blog within my links page or my blog provided that you reciprocate by linking to your site or blog. All website links, widgets or sites listed on Ex-minister's Links page are not to be necessarily considered to be endorsements and the reader enters these sites at their own risk. I desire to link with positive sites and would consider linking with Christian sites as well! For me to consider your site, your site would need to be at least 15 pages (if all pages are your original work then 12 pages is satisfactory).  Contact me if you want to link! I would like to see a well balanced representation of websites from around the world! No binding agreements or contracts are implied with any links listing.


At times, I get emails from people that are irritated; seeking to play games or provoke me to anger; or trying to change my point of view. It is up to my discretion to use or publish your email elsewhere unless you mark it as “not for publication”. Any email that you send to Ex-minister that does not state that it is “not for publication”, may be published by Ex-minister on its blog or elsewhere.  To those of you that are: pushy, divisive, annoying or that I suspect that you have an agenda…you will probably be ignored!  

The best way to contact me is by email:              brian(at)

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