Discovery Gunman was an Atheist 

Brian Worley

Wow, I don’t know how to categorize this one…I’m not sure how to interpret what to me seems to be a recurring pattern of differing events where I get an eerily close brush with what could be death, bodily harm or a major news event. By now, you probably have already heard the news about the Discovery Communications gunman that had held hostages in my Silver Spring, MD. My intent here isn’t to falsely convey any newsworthy contributions to a crime scene; but it has everything to do with what a non-believer would call synchronicity and a Christian would call providence. I want to subjectively probe the “god” question and atheism here! 

I was in that Discovery building lobby seeking to find a point of contact. Surveillance film just might place me in the building at the same time with the gunman. Of note, this was my first and only time ever in the building, I was there for less than 10 minutes. What was this ex-minister doing there? My desire was to find someone to capture the rare public laboratory of a country that was basically denied religious belief for 50 some years. Believers and non-theists frequently collide about the pro’s and con’s of religion; this writer speaks from Eastern European experience after having spent 3 years in Latvia observing what to many people is a mere theoretical construct of a godless society. Why argue about what could be objectively captured in a documentary? I can’t think of anything that might be more fascinating than this! Would Discovery agree? 

Is religion beneficial to society? Why is it that this non-believing ex-minister’s steps continually coincide with eye opening events? Is there a force, power, …God that reveals timely “clues” that a curious inquirer like myself would fail to see if it weren’t for meticulous timing of the events of our lives? Sure this part is subjective; it is scientifically impossible for anyone else to examine my experience.   

This ex-minister can’t ignore these things…nor would I want to! There has been absolutely NO thought about returning to Christianity. The Bible and other revealed religious books have critically been discarded for good! Yet, the things that defy explanation continually beg to be comprehended or understood. 

Frankly, the absolutism of my fundamentalist Christian ministry years slightly embarrasses me to this day. It isn’t due to any type of intellectual arrogance or conceit; it was the ignorance of certainty that troubles me. Believe me, I learned the lesson well and doubt that I’d ever duplicate the same mistake twice in a lifetime about the “God” question. One thing for certain, I have always been a sincere seeker of truth and willing to follow the argument wherever it might lead. Today, I still cling to the same mindset and can’t help but follow the trail of “clues” that has “confronted” or brought me to examine the possibility or probability of Deism or the Spinoza concept of God (if I could grasp such a concept).  

Does one’s belief matter? I think it does and has an effect upon society that many of us love to observe and discuss. You know I am not alone in my musings; it’s almost a national past time! 

The Gunman was an Atheist 

When giving a profile of the gunman, the local television station, WUSA 9 stated that James Lee was an atheist. This fact can’t be intelligently disputed; it certainly shouldn’t be exploited though!!! Don’t get me started about how a certain Christian politician directives took the lives of my wife’s Jewish family members in Eastern Europe during the 1940’s (both theists and non-theists kill). 

James Lee’s atheism and anti-humanist statements brings a major public relations blunder that “humanist” groups like the British and American Humanist Associations, and the Counsel for Secular Humanism just pardon the expression had explode in their faces! 

These groups have wantonly obliterated the line between atheism and humanism. These humanist associations that have essentially “sold out” to atheist amorality in search of funds just got exposed here! With no line of demarcation between the two, these compromising humanist organizations now need to explain themselves after James Lee’s tirade. It is the subject of a future post…but secular humanism is virtually non-existent in America…just a bunch of atheists with a conflicting secular humanist organizational title on the marquee when the wind blows their way!


Brian Worley     September 2, 2010    All rights reserved

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