Occult Knowledge: KJV has Amen as the God of the Bible

February 15, 2023

 Brian Worley

The best place to hide esoteric knowledge is right in front of society. Amen is utilized in all languages and is spoken by Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Hindus…it’s one of the most popular words in the world. Amen doesn’t mean what most people think it means. Those having the audacity/chutzpah to place it in front of society do so because they’re so cocky/arrogant in their belief that the sheep will never recognize the contempt these types have for the common man and their ability to figure it out. It’s been this way for two millennia. Amen is the God of the Bible.



God made covenants in the Bible, but we don’t call those time periods/divisions when dividing the Bible timeframes as Old Covenant or the New Covenant; no, it became the Old Testament and then the New Testament when they print Bible’s because they are the books of Amen. Subtle exegesis is forthcoming.

Not to be disagreeable, in common vernacular amen is understood to mean “so be it”. Public speakers usually appreciate the affirmation that they are connecting with those listening. In a religious setting, amen (so be it) is a great expression of validation. When used this way, it is usually an interjection or a verb or an adverb. Notice, amen isn’t capitalized when used this way. In the KJV, Amen is mentioned in 72 verses; only once in Numbers 5:22 it’s in lower case, otherwise it is capitalized.In the English language the first word of a sentence and proper nouns are capitalized. Strange, but the Bible often capitalizes Amen for a reason – this key point is where the deception resides.

Who is Amen?

Even the moderately religious have no idea that Amen was/is a God. In Egypt, not only was Amen a God, but he was also considered King of the Gods. Amen is the “hidden one”. The original Hebrew alphabet didn’t have vowels, their alphabet consisted of consonants. A line from Daytranslations website is most helpful for explanation:

For English speakers, reading and writing without vowels seems impossible, but it's something common among Semitic languages – such as Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic or Maltese.
An English speaker’s takeaway should understand “vowels” in Biblical Hebrew to be interchangeable and thus Amen can be spelled Amon, Amun, or Amen.

  "Amun was the Hidden One or the Invisible One. Today Amun is best described as the Western concept of God: omnipotent and omnipresent. He was self-created, the creative power and source of all life, in the heavens and on earth, as well as the Underworld (the spiritual world of the deceased).” 

  Edward F. Malkowski “Ancient Egypt 39,000 BCE” page 107

Britannica: Amon | Egyptian Museum: Amun|  World History:  Amun

I think World History gives the most succinct description of Amen in the two paragraphs below:

Since the time of the Middle Kingdom (2040-1782 BCE) Amun had been growing in power in Thebes and was a part of the Theban triad of deities with his consort Mut (who replaced Amaunet) and their son Khonsu, the moon god. When Ahmose I defeated the Hyksos he attributed his victory to Amun linking him to the well-known sun god Ra. As Amun was "The Hidden One" linked to no definable natural phenomenon or principle, he was malleable enough to fit with any attribute one wished to add to him. In this case, the mysterious aspect of life - that which makes life what it is - was linked to the visible life-giving aspect of existence: the sun. Amun then became Amun-Ra, creator of the universe, and King of the Gods.  

King of the Gods

Following Amun's ascendancy during the New Kingdom, he was hailed as "The Self-created One" and "King of the Gods" who had created all things, including himself. He was associated with the sun god Ra who was associated with the earlier god Atum of Heliopolis. Although Amun took on many of Atum's attributes and more or less replaced him, the two remained distinct deities and Atum continued to be venerated. In his role as Amun-Ra, the god combines his invisible aspect (symbolized by the wind which one cannot see but is aware of) and his visible aspect as the life-giving sun. In Amun, the most important aspects of both Ra and Atum were combined to establish an all-encompassing deity whose aspects were literally every facet of creation.

With these two paragraphs the reader should better understand the true identity of Amen. This writer’s favorite patriot, Thomas Paine, clearly understood who Amen was and was quite gifted knowing how to express it.

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.”

Every intelligent American patriot understands how important Thomas Paine was. He was instrumental in America’s struggle for independence from the British. I’d suspect his timely Biblical skepticism thrust had everything to do to curtail common Christian apathy that “God will save us” if we wait upon him. Fictitious Gods save no one; salvation messages seduce those cowering from the inevitable to imminent need to fight for liberty! Our current day situation is equally as dire as it was in Paine’s day!

How Bad is History?

A Twitter meme that I liked went something like this: “If the news is fake, imagine how bad history is?” The Biblical Old Testament narrative weaves a twisted confusion of characters which doesn’t square with history. This writer stumbled upon Ahmed Osman’s “Jesus in the House of Pharaohs: The Essene Revelations on the Historical Jesus” twenty years ago. For those that read, there are at least a dozen writers that “bulldoze” over any pretense of a reliable history utilizing the Old Testament.  To whet your appetite, portrayed Biblical characters were Pharaohs or in the House of Pharoah. Writing on the subject matter:  Thomas L. Thompson, Niels Peter Lemche, Keith Whitelam, David Rohl, Amos Fiske, but it was Ralph Ellis’ publisher that emailed me back in 2014 that really opened my eyes. May I suggest John Tiffany’s “Fables of Ancient Israel Now Being Dissected” on the Ex-minister website (I recognized his talent, met the man and we had an enjoyable 40 minute discussion but I didn’t appreciate him enough before he passed away).

This writer came out of the Fundamentalist’s ranks. A great number of professed Christian’s aren’t moored by Scripture; thus far it will be the Fundamentalists that are anchored by scripture that must see the deception/insertion of Amen into the Bible for any hope of being swayed.  

Oh, for the insight/candor of R. Dean Anderson Jr., one ought to read his Use of the Word “Amen”. Anderson is a Christian minister, in no way is this writer implying unbelief, he wrote an excellent article on the subject matter that should be read.

Subtle exegesis

There are two verses in Scripture that I want to draw your attention to.

I Kings 1:36

And Benaiah the son of Jehoiada answered the king, and said, Amen: the Lord God of my lord the king say so too.

Revelation 3:14

And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

Benaiah was one of King David’s mighty men. The context here is that King David experienced many different women and sired a lot of kids. King David was up in years and the question was to whom should succeed him of his offspring when he passes? Adoniijah, the 4th son of King David, briefly proclaimed himself King of Israel during the terminal illness of his father. The question remained. The ultimate persuasion though was the beautiful Bathsheba, Zadoc the priest, Nathan and Benaiah that lobbied for Bathseba’s son Solomon to take his father’s throne. What you should notice from scripture is the insertion of King David’s God, Amen. Amen too agreed with the choice of Solomon! Seems Amen gave Solomon an amen (humor). Not only that, but he (the god Amen) doubled down upon it by a greater assertion for Amen to be with Solomon “and make his throne greater than the throne of my lord king David.” You can’t argue this…not even an idiot could argue this.   

Now wait a minute! This isn’t subliminal…it is right in our faces! I can’t speak for you, but I must have read thru the Bible a dozen times when I was a Christian. Confession here, the Old Testament isn’t an easy read. Everyone else skipped past this detail of Amen being the God of David and Solomon. Couple that with Revelation 3:14 “Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;” and there are no loopholes! Look at all those one-word sentences of Amen in the Bible. The ramifications of this boggles the mind! The Revelation 3 verse “the beginning of the creation of God”…this too is problematic because that would be an impossible insertion of Amen into the Trinity…quadruple anyone? In the Trinity there is one God in three co-equal, co-eternal parts of the Godhead known as God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Revelation 3:14 has Amen there at the beginning as well as several Millenia afterwards in the concluding book of the recognized canon of scripture. Four is not three! While we find Yahweh early in scripture…at the end we find Amen closing out the Bible. Is Yahweh God the Father or is it Amen? Nobody can square this up. Amen is as advertised, “The Hidden One”. Amen is the God of the Bible.

There you have it, in I Kings 1:36 Amen is identified as King David’s LORD God in the King James Bible. I ask you the reader to identify who gave Moses the 10 Commandments? Everyone knows it was Yahweh that gave Moses the 10 Commandments and the KJV states that it was God (YHWH the Hebrew tribal god) in Exodus 20. Amen is not Yahweh; Amen is another god that Yahweh the jealous god explicitly warned you about so much so that it is the FIRST of the 10 Commandments. Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

As a Deist, its unfathomable to me that God is given a name at all. Humans have names to help to distinguish one amongst other humans, but God has no peers as to be confused with any existing possible entity. It is impossible to confuse God with mortal man. God doesn’t need a name. God is the great mystery…we just know that God is.

There’s a plethora of contemporary Christian writers that have published books on the names of God. In their books, the numbers of the names of God fluctuate, the numbers elevate to 365 names for God in the Bible according to their books.

As a Deist, God is the entity that we cannot harness and to be candid: we cannot describe, nor should we try. Personally, the attempt to name God is a human con-job attempt. We cannot and should not attempt to assign a name to God as we do for humans; human writers attempted this in the Bible…for doing so defies reason. This is why virtually all Christians break the 1st Commandment every time they utter the word Amen because they have been manipulated to speak a rival god’s name (Amen) thinking they are simply echoing an affirmation equivalent to “so be it”.  According to the Bible it was the god Yahweh that gave Moses the 10 Commandments, not Amen…Amen is a rival god of Yahweh.

With this understanding, new light upon King David’s shenanigans come into focus. King David did some terrible things, yet he is described as a man after God’s heart. David is mentioned in the illustrious Hebrews 11 “Faith Hall of Fame” chapter and his God was Amen. David was a male whore with his female conquests. So why is he described in such a positive manner when he broke so many of Yahweh’s commandments? Hey, I just gave you the answer…don’t be thick headed. The 10 Commandments are Yahweh’s Commandments…not Amen’s! Read the scriptures carefully, Amen issues curses (see Deuteronomy 27)…these give insight to Amen’s mores. David’s god, according to I Kings 1:36 in the King James Bible is Amen…not Yahweh. Get it?

The Old & New Testaments are Amen’s and you didn’t catch the parody that the great Deist Thomas Paine had warned about:

“The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun, in which they put a man called Christ in the place of the sun, and pay him the adoration originally payed to the sun.”

Thomas Paine  




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