The Ex-Minister Idea

Brian Worley


It began as a minister's rebellion against being placed outside of the ministering circle for cognition of a myth. Whereas the Biblical Adam accepted banishment from a mythological paradise for partaking of knowledge; the ex-minister concept doesn't renege upon ministering because they find themselves outside of the church...they just find a new way to utilize their talents with a different audience. The Ex-Minister idea is all about ministering.

There is nothing glamorous about the ministry, a minister is a servant that nurtures, inspires, instructs and challenges segments of society and is frequently one that confronts wayward souls. It's a tough & tender assignment.

The ministry is frequently a thankless, consuming profession that one usually doesn’t choose for themselves. Most ministers will confess that they were "called" or felt compelled to do this for life. A true minister is one that makes people uncomfortable. Uncomfortable for those contemplating or living a life of compromised virtue. 

The ministry builds people as well, which in turn builds society. Life is about choices, what happens with those choices make the world what it is. Ministers whether they are religious or political have influence upon the decisions that are to be made. Better ministers will bring a better world. 

The idea has everything to do with how one looks at the clergy, ministry, religion and it's role in society. The Ex-Minister idea is focused upon goodness, pragmatism and what is best for the common good.  

An Ex-Minister reflects upon our peers from our Bible College, university and seminary days that are ministering today as clergymen with an understanding of what they are trying to accomplish. Whereas blathering malice hearted religion haters seek to denigrate and undermine their work - the Ex-Minister approach adopts a diplomatic/statesman mindset in the midst of the dogma of religious & non-religious "truth" crusaders. 

The Ex-Minister idea fosters a nurturing model for those transitioning from or leaving the ministry. One would think that anyone that has legitimately shepherded souls before wouldn’t turn in rage or a jaded fashion to destroy the faith that had once consoled them personally and their congregations. The Ex-Minister idea was the first to realize and promote how important it is to meet their needs and just how wrong it is to not have a support system in place for ministers leaving the faith.  

After eight years of non-support of the Ex-Minister idea, hard-core atheism has moved in by opening its checkbook with perversion funding. Those wanting to eradicate faith from our culture are now welcoming ministers leaving the faith with open arms. Guess which way they are headed? 

The Ex-Minister idea is decidedly secular without any religious base or affiliation. We recognize that much of the world’s goodness is channeled through people with a religious base. Yet misguided feigned secularists (they are really atheists operating under a disguised title) working for the communist-capitalist pigs who fund them want nothing more than to eradicate that goodness by destroying the religious base. They want chaos. 

Atheism is every bit as bad as I have described them to be. I have defied the movement, which cannot counter my arguments; they can only ignore them and hope that the Ex-Minister idea I have presented doesn’t get funded. Whereas they have received millions of destructive dollars to wage warfare on religion, Ex-Minister has only received a total of $350 in eight years. 

I'm approaching 50, working a lot of hours elsewhere trying to raise a family and get the Ex-Minister idea out for public consumption. The Ex-Minister idea has been my passion; atheism has stolen my idea and has perverted it into an atheist-recruiting tool (The Clergy Project) to undermine the American pulpit. Why? Because that is what atheism does and they are enabled to do so because they get funded to wreak havoc. 

Forgive me if this sounds arrogant, but I'm confident that if the Ex-Minister idea was enabled that it could neutralize atheism’s claws into society. Ex-Minister’s funding will need to come from someone that despises atheism and/or likes religion. It is hard to understand how obtuse those that understand what is transpiring around us can be to sit back and watch what is happening happen and not take action! In a terrible economy, the money is there…the question is, "Does anyone care?"

I'm reaching a point in life where I need to come to some conclusions. Either the Ex-Minister idea is worthy of support or unworthy of my time and effort. It used to be that I was content to enjoy the traffic and the satisfaction of knowing that so many commoners (like myself) and VIP's from around the world regularly visit this niche website.  

I'm playing for keeps. The cultural-sociological aspects/struggle is what motivates me these days. The "small ball" atheist simpleton that devours this site to find a minute point against religion bores me to tears! I'm ready to rumble, engage and confront the different audience that I've encountered from the first paragraph. I think it is pathetic that our society focuses upon self-gratification rather than what is important in life. While I may not be religious, I care deeply about those engaged in the ministering spirit! 

The ministry is a caring profession. What is tough about it is when one reaches the point of being over whelmed and decides to just accept the world the way that it is. Any minister crossing that line knows internally that they are finished. The Ex-Minister idea in a nutshell would be to prevent this meltdown from ever happening through support, encouragement and working together for the common good!


Brian Worley      September 5, 2011    All rights reserved


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