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Brian Worley

How could two sold out Christian newlyweds split prior to reaching their first wedding anniversary? Listen as the young couple compiles foundational spiritual building blocks in this documentary and then try to ascertain why what God hates became their chosen outlet. Although the couple had said the right things and honored God throughout the dating process, the expectations they had of bliss never materialized.

What is it that holds people of faith’s marital unions together? One could argue that this couple was disingenuous, but I would disagree. Skeptics could point to the higher religious divorce rates and question the premise that the faithful build upon that was deftly captured in this film. You decide, because the provocative question here was left open.

No one wants to see marriages end in divorce. In my opinion, the better utility of Divorcing God lies in the multitudes that seek the prevention and heartache of divorce. A Christian pastor should be comfortable implementing this into their pre-marital counseling process. Whereas larger group settings with a diversity of opinion audience would find this to be an excellent starter because it appears that the director sought to provoke thinking rather than attempting an interpretation.

There is no entertainment value in divorce, but for those who prefer learning through enlightenment as opposed to gathering experience though the school of hard knocks should find that an hour invested viewing Divorcing God to be worthwhile.


Brian Worley   Ex-Minister.org     April 28, 2010    All rights reserved

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