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Thus far, Ex-Minister is a website (desires to become a non-profit) espousing ideas from a conservative, secular post-clergy perspective. To enact these ideas will take money and full-time personnel focused upon the objectives. My unspectacular observation is that conservatives primarily have a Christian base that is dissipating as progressive/liberal secularism gains more and more turf. America is going the same route as Britain and Europe. We're in a culture war, and losing. You know the routine, Liberals/Progressives attack and call Conservatives "Bible thumpers" to denigrate our values and ideas. We can solve most of these problems by establishing a secular, non-religious wing that isn't anchored by religion. It's going to take a lot of work to get there. Conservatives ideas & values are better and thus we must begin cultivating those with a non-religious base or else surrender reason & persuasion over to the progressives. Please, I'm asking you to put me to work by funding our initiative. 


OBJECTIVES of Ex-Minister International

        1.     Job one will be to stave off aggressive secularization's destruction of religion.

        2.      Seek ways where people of faith and those outside of faith can work together for the common good.  

        3.      Assist clergy that no longer desire to work within the ministry (due to loss of faith or etc.) and find other suitable work places for them.

NOTE: I was the first to express this need (The Ex-Minister Idea). I’m not independently wealthy and religion friendly inclinations haven’t stepped forward to fund my 2003 concept. This created a vacuum that the Richard Dawkins Foundation took up; they funded their version of my idea. I warned that my idea would be used it as an atheist recruiting tool. 

In March 2012, a vulnerable Florida minister (Teresa McBain) needing assistance turned to the atheists.  She stated that she didn’t want to end up working for something like “McDonald’s or Starbuck’s”. A senior pastor for 3 ½ years, this pastor does something unfathomable in my eyes. Without resigning her pastorate or evidentially warning her congregation, she shows up to address an American Atheist Convention stating she is an atheist. Eight days prior to this she preached a sermon to her congregation as a Christian minister. She was later named as Public Relations Director of the American Atheists in July. 

I abhor the un-pastoral manner in which she left and the atheist ethics displayed. There are others wanting a way out; still only the atheists have anything to offer. 

      4.     Would seek to lessen tensions between people of faith and those opposing them. While some non-theists would seek to kill religion, Ex-Minister feels that faith plays an important role in society. Although we take issue with toxic, intolerant religion (being a humanist organization) we would seek to influence proper “rules or guidelines” when they engage each other.

        5.     Go to places where religious/secular conflict occur and to observe, study, record data, discuss with those involved, and discover solutions to resolve the matter. Compile data/circumstances from every case to compare & perfect methods for future problem cases.  

        6.      In matters of religion vs. religion conflict, most don’t realize that clergy mistrust other clergy and thus “peacemaking models” employing fellow clergy are less likely to succeed. Whereas skilled former ministers that understand the situation but are “emotionally unplugged” stand a better chance to achieve reasonable, peaceful solutions.

        7.    Work with the military to resolve conflicts involving matters of faith and religion in the ranks.

        8.    Study and to find ways to remove obstacles to science education due to secular/religious antagonism.  

        9.    I am not going to share it here, but I think I have an innovative solution to the faith based initiatives furor. It is a revolutionary approach that I think secularists would eventually accept. This plan would align with the principle of state/church separation yet encourage bi-partisan participation for humanity.

     10.  Design and develop experimental project models that endeavor to find ways to eliminate “common good killers.” Observe and perfect the processes to establish solid workable prototypes.

     11.   Seek to design and collaborate with a respected university on a program/curriculum to take the educational degrees of people involved in ministry into a degree that has secular significance.

     12.  Take a pastoral ex-minister's perspective & seek ways to make religion better.  

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