Support is needed to get us started!

Dear Ex-Minister Visitor & Friends, 

Thank you for visiting this page of the website! I will discuss some of the perceived needs we have while seeking to establish Ex-Minister as an organization. I hope that you have read what we will do  & about page of the proposed organization, if not, I wish you would take a few minutes to read them before you proceed further. If something is unclear, please ask.  


Ways to help us get started

I.  Donate financially: The least complicated way to help is to give through the donate button upon this page. Unfortunately, your contribution is NOT tax deductible at this time.

II. Donate your talent! We are seeking somebody that would donate his or her services without cost to us. Several of our needs are listed below. 

A.   Someone to make us legal and establish Ex-Minister International as a tax-exempt organization. We heartily welcome a professional legal entity that would be willing to set us up as a non-profit organization.

B.   Someone with grant writing, fund raising knowledge of how a start up gets what they need to launch. That they would utilize their skills on our behalf to secure funding.

C.  Talented web design professional to design the website. The website has frequently been hacked, we need someone that is very skilled in website security. We are also looking for a special type of host. We need someone that knows how to get traffic to the website by making it search engine friendly.  

D.  Someone to promote the organization.

III. Sponsor Ex-Minister: personally or through your business 

We are looking for sponsors that would contribute. 

IV. Advertise upon the website or blog 

At the bottom of the main page there is an advertise/sponsor link. 

V. BIG STUFF!!!  (Donate building, land, transportation, equipment...or just write out a check!)

Should you feel that you might be in a position to help us, I could be reached through the following:

 Email:                     brian(at)                                

Mailing address:    Ex-Minister International                            

   PO Box 273  

 Merrifield, VA 22116

Brian Worley   June 28, 2016   All rights reserved


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