Occult Knowledge: KJV has Amen as the God of the Bible

   February 15, 2023

Why I'm a Deist - not an Atheist: A Skeptic's case for belief in God that survives in a hostile environment

   September 8, 2020

Satan doesn't exist -- something worse does

   July 28, 2020

Before You Bury the Bastard: Preacher Don't Omit This From the Eulogy

   July 19, 2020

Heaven Can't Exist -- Here's Why

   July 10, 2020

Dionysuis Exiguus [Monk that put Easter on the Map]

   James A. Veitch

Christianity’s Ineffectual Impact Upon Abortion

Edward Teller Initiates the Global Warming Scare - 30 Years Later Destroys the "Consensus" of Scientists Lie

Progressives Fiddle While Paradise Burned

God Flunks Geography in the Bible

Confessions of an Ex-Minister: Part I    Part II

Opaque Morality: The Great Secular Ethical Identity Problem

Would Thomas Jefferson Get Elected in Today's USA?

Congratulations Donald Trump!

Freedom of Unbelief: Worthy of Protection - Where's the Human Rights Legislation?

The Myth of Misogyny & The Meaning of Marriage

The Hamas Jihad Against Israel

   Dr. Bill Warner

The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights

   Dr. Bill Warner

What Aggressive Secularism Does to Society

The Battle for Religious Freedom: The Next Step

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Nation Building, Cohesion and the Atheist Nemesis

Humanists that want to "Cross Out" America

Dualism or Duel? How to Transform Religious Conflict

Should God be obeyed? Should the state? How to argue with God - and Caesar

   Robert A. Burt,

Five Lessons on Faith

   Sally Quinn

The Story of the Magi: Biblical Origins of Anti-Semitism

   James Rowe Adams

Against Divorce: David Hume Defends Traditional Marriage

  Russell Nieli

How Jesus' Message Was Hijacked

   Howard Bess

Clergy Who Quit

   James A. Haught

Killing Missionaries, Fellow Muslims, and Civilization

  Alan Caruba

Do We Need Biblical Scholars?

  Philip Davies

Forget About Noah's Ark; There Was No Worldwide Flood   Robert R. Cargill

Divorcing God (Movie): Watch the trailer, read our review   Native Shore Entertainment

An Introduction to Deism

  World Union of Deists  (Deputy Director, Jayson X.)

Believing In the Unbelievable

  Leland Ruble

Are the "New Atheists" as Bad as Christian Fundamentalists?      Frank Schaeffer

Right-Wing Hatemongering Fueled by Christianity?  

  Frank Schaeffer

Biblical Euphemisms for Sexual Activity  

  K.J. Aaron

The Religious Biography of Farrell Till  

  Farrell Till

Prophet or Clerk?  

  Rabbi Rami Shapiro

  Four Questions Christians Ask About Judaism

  Rabbi Rami Shapiro

The Christian Illusion of Moral Superiority 

  John W. Loftus

Conditional Immortality or Annihilationism 

  John W. Loftus

Decomposing Humanism: Why Replace Religion? 

  Austin Dacey

The Secularist Case Against "Atheism 3.0"

  Austin Dacey

My Conversion/Deconversion Story

  John W. Loftus


The Forged Origins of the New Testament
    Tony Bushby

Questions Concerning God, Man & Faith
    Howard Ferstler

The Differences Between Liberals and Conservatives
    Thomas Sowell

Mathematical Challenges to Darwin's Theory of Evolution
    Uncommon Knowledge

Coming Apart - Charles Murray & Peter Robinson
    Uncommon Knowledge

The Vulgar Pride of Intellectuals
    Thomas Sowell

Debunking the Historical Jesus     Dan Barker

Fables of Ancient Israel Now Being Dissected
    John Tiffany

The Jesus Mysteries
  Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy

The Limits of Faith & Knowledge: God as Mystery
    Robert Jensen

I Am Not Open Minded
      Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Chomsky on Religion
    Noam Chomsky

What is Religion?
    Chris Hedges

Religious Extremism and New Atheism
    Chris Hedges

Evening w/ Karen Armstrong
    Karen Armstrong

Astro-Theology Exemplified
    Malik Jabbar

Terrible Texts of the Bible
    John Shelby Spong

Is Religion a Virus?
    Robert M. Price

Hell Does Not Exist
    Bruce Gerencser

What Is Humanism ?
    Fred Edwords

God is Pro-life?
    Farrell Till

What Rapture?
    Farrell Till

Missionaries are Colonialists
    Gregory F. Fegel

Religious Conversion by Extortion
    James Worrell

Do we need another reason?
    Philip Ball

How Many Has God Killed?
    Steve Wells

The Christian Mafia Part I
  Wayne Madsen for the Insider Magazine

The Christian Mafia Part II
  Wayne Madsen for the Insider Magazine

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